So I've always been curious as to what type of music atheists listen to. I realize I am trying to quantify a large group, however, I have found that most critical thinkers tend to look past the top 100 charts to find their music, and usually have an affinity to art music (Classical, Jazz, Metal). So what genres of music do you listen to listen to? What are some of your favorite bands? Who are some of your favorite musicians/composers? Who are some of your favorite atheistic or freethinking bands/musicians?

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I like a fairly wide variety, but I avoid the radio like the plague. Lately I've been listening to a lot of multi-instrumental stuff like Tom Waits, Oingo Boingo, Man Man, Gogol Bordello, stuff like that. I'm into a lot of old-school punk, early rockabilly, big band, outlaw country. I don't know. As long as it's unique, it's good in my book. I'm just sick of the carbon-copy soundalikes that I hear every time I get brave enough to turn on the radio.
I also prefer instrumental stuff,since most vocal music is either a sappy love song or something i don't care about...And a lot of singers sound like cats cater wailing on a fence post.
I hate rapwhich is not music,but poetry,often very bad poetry. I also can do without be bop jazz and most rock and all metal. Some soft rock I can stand if the lyrics are interesting or amusing,but mostly,I can do without vocals.
There are exceptions,such as Lorena McKennet,Enya,etc.
I don't listen to any radio except sometimes The Thistle And Shamrock on public radio.
I have Last FM set for Celtic music,but I can't stand it when they play songs with those wailing electric guitars.
Basically,I like traditional music,Celtic music and contra dance music.
I also have played the hammer dulcimer for over 10 years and am teaching myself the mandolin.

Metallica, Muse, Greeday, Disturbed, Lynyrd Skynyrd and even a little Queen are all regularly in my playlist.

But my main musical interest is in orchestrated film scores which I collect.
Muse is EPIC!!!
Big fan of Muse, they'll release a new disc "The Resistance" on September 14th.
I used to be on Pandora, but then they stopped streaming to non-US countries at some point... ah, the disappointment. I loved it.
Are you familiar with Pitchshifter? They've been around forever, but I've only recently discovered them.
I agree, I LOVE Pandora!!

My Pandora List is:

Muse, Rob Zombie, Bjork, Tori Amos, Mozart, Rage.., and more...

I usually have it on Rob Zombie, or Bjork...or Mozart.
It made me warm and fuzzy too, although it's obvious it's subject to discussion!

I like the heavier stuff, I prefer death and black metal, some mixed in doom and a bunch load of other genres, some completely unrelated to metal.

I have a thing for indie rock, folk and electronica. Good film scores are also welcome. I usually link people to my profile though ;)

After reading all the comments I saw only one more person who seems to enjoy black metal, which is really strange since you'll find most antichristian sentiments at least, in black and death metal.

My top 10 is pretty much defined by my list so I won't bother mentioning it, and my favorite bands change completely on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes I wanna listen to happy indie rock, sometimes I wanna burrow deep down in misery with Swallow the Sun.
I tend to like two types of music:
1. Lyrics that really say alot. I would dismiss a song if it has nonsensical or stupid lyrics.
2. Passionate instrument playing. I love going through raw emotions when hearing a passionate instrument.

I try not to stick myself into a genre or two. Genres that tend to catch my ear: Alternative, 70's Motown R&B, some classical, some hard rock, some progressive rock, some 80's pop, I'm a closet Metal fan as well. My profile is a basic pattern of what I listen to.
xtc, jellyfish, crowded house, the moody blues, classic country sometimes, progressive jazz. Other early influences: hendrix, zeppelin, the doors, deep purple, much more.
The only radio station I'll listen to (when I can actually get it to tune in) is WXPN, University of Penn. Outside of that I listen to a lot of Japan Pop and Rock (L'arc-en-ceil, Gackt, Orange Range, Mai Yamane), singer-songwriter (Kate Bush, Pink, Rick Kureck, Brother, Richard Thompson) and 'artsy' bands that cross genres like Gandolf Murphy and the Slamobovian Circus of Dreams.

I'm not into jazz but I do like classical (years of chorus and school choir, I suppose) and I like listening to techo, dance and also hearing what different producers can do to a song. from the Black Eyed Peas can get amazing things out of pretty near any piece of music he places his hands on.




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