So I've always been curious as to what type of music atheists listen to. I realize I am trying to quantify a large group, however, I have found that most critical thinkers tend to look past the top 100 charts to find their music, and usually have an affinity to art music (Classical, Jazz, Metal). So what genres of music do you listen to listen to? What are some of your favorite bands? Who are some of your favorite musicians/composers? Who are some of your favorite atheistic or freethinking bands/musicians?

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I first heard of Django Reinhardt long before I learned the guitar, my father was a guitar instructor & a jazz nut. I had a steady diet of Reinhardt & another guitarist, Charlie Christian.
I heard of Stephan Grappelli at the same time.
Never happened to me. I suppose my teachers were too young?
I listen to everything from western music from the Middle Ages to black metal. The only forms I dislike enough not to include in my music collection are rap/hiphop and C&W. (A little odd, maybe, because I played rhythm/lead guitar and sang in a C&W band for two years while in my late 20s... ...helped keep the bulldog fed, y'know.)

Favorite classical composers: J.S. Bach; Modest Mussorgsky
Favorite jazz: Thelonius Monk
Favorite classic rock: Jethro Tull, Santana, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan (and others too numerous to mention)
Favorite "new" rock: Children of Bodom
Is Jimmy Buffett C&W? I love his stuff! How about New Riders of the Purple Sage; maybe too archaic you kids ...
Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Apocalyptica, Kamelot, Disturbed, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Stone Sour, Weird Al, Evanescence, Loreena McKennitt, um...3 Day's Grace, Mediaeval Baebes, Pyrates Royale, etc, etc, etc.... I have a few songs on My Page. :)
Blues. the granddaddy of all popular music

Buddy Guy
Mississippi John Hurt
Robert Johnson
BB King
Bonnie Raitt
The list of blues artists I like would take up too much space. On most sites my handle is Bluescat48. Been "into" the blues since I was a toddler, listening to my Father's old 78's.
Love the blues; Me and Devil is one of my favorite Robert Johnson tunes. That song just grabs me.
My Ipod only rocks to Robert Van Winkle.
My music taste is pretty eclectic. I love love love classical, particularly Dvořák and the old Ludwig Van. Some other music I've gotten into lately include:

Theodor Bastard - A very odd underground Russian fusion band; dark, nihilistic themes mixed with beautiful music
Heather Dale - Arthurian-themed Celtic singer-songwriter
Omnia - Celtic folk themed around classic poetry; very rich, Earthy sound
Mediaeval Baebes - Self-explanitory
Woohoo, another Mediaeval Baebes fan! Have you ever seen them live? I've seen them a couple of time at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Well, kind of...I'm short and it was crowded, heh.




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