So I've always been curious as to what type of music atheists listen to. I realize I am trying to quantify a large group, however, I have found that most critical thinkers tend to look past the top 100 charts to find their music, and usually have an affinity to art music (Classical, Jazz, Metal). So what genres of music do you listen to listen to? What are some of your favorite bands? Who are some of your favorite musicians/composers? Who are some of your favorite atheistic or freethinking bands/musicians?

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T O O L, Jimi Hendrix, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, RadioHead, APC, RHCP, Chevelle, Deftones, Dead Can Dance, Foo Fighters, White Stripes, Nirvana, SOAD, Johnny Cash, Local H, Old Offspring, Paul Oakenfold, Queens of the Stoneage, Weezer.

and some J-rock (Boris, malice mizer, others)
I listen mostly to rock music. Led Zeppelin, Rush, Alice In Chains, Pink Floyd, The Black Crowes, and Van Halen are among my favorite bands. I like pretty much any kind of rock and some pop (mostly 80s stuff).

I also enjoy blues, jazz, some R&B, and classical. Led Zeppelin really turned me onto the blues, which is kind of ironic, since they stole from so many blues artists.
Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Bush, Collective Soul, Deftones, Faith No More, Franz Ferdinand, Guns n' Roses, Héroes del Silencio, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, A Perfect Circle, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Rush, Stone Temple Pilots, The Strokes and Tool are some of the bands that I absolutely love.
I love tricky heathenish songs. :)

How I wish there was a heaven
All for one and one for all
A flawless soul society
Our lives are just a fragment
Of the universe and more
There may be more than we can see

Soul Society

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

-John Lennon

What if this whole crusade's
A charade
And behind it all there's a price to be paid
For the blood
On which we dine
Justified in the name of the holy and the divine

Hand That Feeds
-Nine Inch Nails

Emm... but my most favorites are mostly weirdish goth metal stuff. Within Temptation I love. I love HIM, and Aqua, Kamelot, etc. Basically anything from Scandinavia. :P I like metal with a female lead a lot, and songs that are deep-- that have their own mood, story, and idea.
About Soul Society, one can say it's a bit "heathenish", but it's based on Van Goethe's Faust, and at some point in the story after losing his loved one he starts becoming an unbeliever.
I'll listen to pretty much anything EXCEPT pretty much anything thats been in the top ten in the last four years. Bleugh to most of that. I tend to grab friends entire music collection onto my laptop and then delete the things I don't like. So my collection atm contains of 7 disks of Disney soundtracks, HIM, Metallica, Enya, Amici Forever, the Guitar Hero collection, Panic! At the Disco, Bowie, Euthrythmics, a stack of classical music, some J-pop and Korean pop, I'm hoping to get my neighbours anime soundtrack collection soon (there is nothing in the world that cheers a person up like J-pop, I swear), the soundtrack from 3 different Shrek films, The Rasmus, Tool, APC, some NZ music - Bic Runga, Crowded House...
Anything really. I have "Girls just wanna have fun" for craps sake. :D
I think we could get along. :)
Thanks! That's always nice to hear :D
Will go through more posts here when I get time, but I don't think my choice of genre is at all influenced by atheism vs. theism. Other than there are a few songs I used to love more than I do now as it's become hard to get past the oppressively religious lyrics. Prince's "The Cross" comes to mind.

I do not like much of anything currently mainstream but I also won't jump on every indie arthouse band just because they're indie arthouse.

I miss Pandora (for some reason, either my Mac or my Alltel wireless won't let me stream it). While it would send me some of the known artists I plug in it would in turn send me some awesome related music from artists I definitely would never have heard of otherwise. The star of that show: P.T. Walkley. Aptly described as "The Kinks covering The White Album, in the 21st century."
I really have likes all over the musical spectrum. Although there are not many pop (top 40) songs that I like or much modern country. I can dig some of the old country though, I like Willie Nelson and few of the classics. My top bands are Widespread Panic, My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Beck, Black Crowes, the dead, phish, DMB, Jack Johnson, The John Butler Trio, Antibalas, JJ Cale, Galactic, Bob Marley, the white stripes, the raconteurs, Fleet Foxes. MGMT,radiohead, Ray lamontagne, the shins, the strokes, I guess I should just stop because I could go on for a while.

For me its all about the setting, I love some rap at times, I really love Michael Franti (even is he does have a "higher" power message to some of his music), recently I found the Knux and the Living Legends to be a refreshing hip hop bands and have always had love for OutKast.

I feel dirty for not mentioning Zepplin, the doors, pearl Jam, Nirvana, janes addiction, STP, Snoop & Dre, Tool, and all the Soul music, Al Green, Bill Withers, Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye (and many others) are good at any time, anywhere. Ok I have to stop...
Metal almost always, I am currently listening to Static-X, Slipknot, Machine Head, Napalm Death, Arch Enemy, Cannibal Corpse and pretty much anything else that might destroy my speakers. And since I am among freinds I sometimes sneak in some Christina Aguilera.
Progressive metal like queensryche or nevermore. Classic rock, Guitar Instrumentals, jazz, texas blues, thrash metal, baroque period music.




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