So I've always been curious as to what type of music atheists listen to. I realize I am trying to quantify a large group, however, I have found that most critical thinkers tend to look past the top 100 charts to find their music, and usually have an affinity to art music (Classical, Jazz, Metal). So what genres of music do you listen to listen to? What are some of your favorite bands? Who are some of your favorite musicians/composers? Who are some of your favorite atheistic or freethinking bands/musicians?

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Wow, 7 pages of comments and I thought for sure I'd find someone that also like trance, electronica, techno etc. My favorites right now are Deadmau5, Benny Benassi, Lifelike, Above & Beyond, Nitrous Oxide, Kaskade....I could really go on and on here. I find a lot of what I listen to has similarities with classical music. I feel trance and vocal trance are modern classical. If anyone is interested in listening to any of my current favs they're on my page or follow this link for one of the best trance songs ever.

I also like a lot of classic rock, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Boston, some Beatles etc.
I listen to just about every type of music. I find it 'awkward' to focus on the 'religiousness' of music. If it is good and enjoyable...I like it. Religion has ruined a lot in the world, but art and music...and architecture are a few examples of things I think they contributed to in a positive way.

This coming from a guy who can switch from Godsmack to Shania Twain to Public Enemy and everything in between and well beyond! :-)
Wow, only 5 of the many metal/rock fans listed Tool.
I mainly listen to rock/metal but use Pandora for 70/80's country, rap/hiphop, and Cajun.

My IPOD favorites are Clutch, Mudvayne, BloodSimple, Tool/APC, Nonpoint, and Slipknot. Recently started listening to Divine Heresy and DevilDriver. I need to download more Rage Against the Machine.
I love Clutch! Mudvayne, tool/apc, nonpoint, slipknot, devildriver and rage against the machine are all great too! but Clutch is freaking amazing! every album is so different I love their range of style.
Bob Marley, ZZ Tops, Waylan Jennings, Willy Nelson, Johnny Clegg & Savuka , David Bowie, and Pink Floyd
I listen to most anything. I like to say that there is no rhyme or reason to what I like, it just has to speak to me. When I was in High school I listened to mostly metal and hard rock.
Now I have over 30GB of music and I spend a lot of time listening to or watching videos on youtube to hear something new. I do enjoy classical but I was also just on the top 100 website and I like gangsta rap sometimes too! I think atheists are all types of people and listen to everything. I even like some Christian rock bands it is often difficult to tell if it is a song about Jesus or a lover (i think they do that on purpose to suck people like me in, but im ok with it so long as I can rock out)

Sometimes I listen to Just A Beaver.




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