Hey, I'm hosting an online radio show called Godless American and I'd like to add some opening and closing music and some music bumpers to play before and after breaks on the show. I've tried mixing some stuff with garage band and I can honestly say that I'm musically illiterate.

As far as compensation, the only thing I can offer is free advertising on my blog and on the radio show.

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How about Only by NIN? It's got a godless message and a kind of musical rising action that might fit in with the opening you were talking about?

Who exactly is this show geared towards?
Sorry, I can't use any copy written music. I need original music.
Oh, the show is geared towards liberal atheists. As soon as I get it going again, Brother Richard said he's give me an interview. Should be a lot of fun.
When I find a new online host for my music, I'll let you have a listen. It's primarily piano work, but if you can find a spot for it, I wouldn't object to you using it as much as you need.

I'll bookmark this thread so I'll remember... if I forget, just message me in a few days.

You can send me mp3s at godlessamerican@leftagenda.com also. Thank you.
Perhaps The Druncles? http://www.myspace.com/thedruncles

I think you can contact them through that page.
If you like this, let me know and I'll see if Ron will give you permission to use it.

Another thought, why don't you try contacting some of the atheist rappers - Greydon Square is a member of Nexus, so is PRoCLaiM. Contact AK47 (also on Nexus) as she has some great atheist musical contacts. Tell her I sent you.
You guys are awesome! Thanks, got plenty of choices.




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