hey everything and everyone
fattychunks here
youtube.com/fattychunksings and myspace.com/jasonmichaelkoehler

tried making a couple of nontheist songs called You Need Jesus and I dont believe in God for the nontheist community so anyone who has some feedback would be super. (newest version of you need jesus is on my myspace)

Grew up a pentecostal evangelical and i blame my current psychological conditions on that religious mentality because every episode i had with panic attacks and (just recently been diagnosed with this) parasomnia and insomnia were always just, and told to me by my religious leaders, as spiritual attacks from demons and stuff heh. and i'm just now learning to talk about my disorder thanks for a very friendly nontheist fella on here named wonderist. dont think i wouldve had the balls to admit my problems if he hadnt been such a wizard with words.

hope you all have a super sweet day and dont forget to not praise jesus for the air you breathe.

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Hi Jason.

Welcome and cheers. Love your story. Glad you had the balls to come to this site. We all have stories and no theist to bother us. Have fun chatting with other atheist.
thanks man.. yea im writing a paper for my final in college called "My “Broken Leg” As a Charismatic Evangelical Pentecostal" about my current attempt to seek professional help with the things i never had the chance to address growing up as a christian... like i said in the original post. ill be sharing it with the community, hoping it can help other people that have come out of similar backgrounds and suffered the things i suffered.


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