Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed to opt out of strict hygiene rules introduced by the NHS to restrict the spread of hospital superbugs.

Published: 12:30AM BST 11 Apr 2010
Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed to opt out of strict hygiene rules introduced by the NHS to restrict teh spread of hospital superbugs.

Female staff who follow the Islamic faith will be allowed to cover their arms to preserve their modesty despite earlier guidance that all staff should be "bare below the elbow"....


My personal opinion as an ex-Muslim, is that some of these Muslim doctors and nurses are just trying to stick to the rules of their religion, and now face some uncomfortably incompatible issues with working in the West, where exposing arms for women is nothing immodest at all. There are many other such issues such as the free mixing of the sexes in hospitals and workplaces etc.

There are some Muslims (particularly from the Salafi/Wahhabi sect), who get defensive and try to push their ways because they strongly believe that Islam is superior and should not be walked over (at least that's what they feel they are required to believe). However, many of these Muslims also believe that Muslims should not be living in the West in the first place, and should emigrate to a good Muslim country as soon as practically possible. That sounds logical to me, but while they are here, they should follow the rules of the land, in my view. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

There are also the (whom I call) backdoor Islamists, such as groups linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are prepared to engage in politics in the West to influence policy towards a more Islamic way; groups like the Muslim Association of Britain and Federation of Student Islamic Societies.

There's no doubt in my mind that these groups are Islamists, meaning they are not interested secularising/elightening Islam. However, it may also be true that they currently serve as an antedote against more militant Islam in the form of Al-Muhajiroun descendants and Hizb-ut-Tahrir. These two groups don't believe in engaging in western democracy, and the former are particularly militant. Here's a website that's frequented by Muslim extremists of their kind:

Whilst in the short term it may be wise not to fight Muslim Brotherhood linked lobby groups, in the long run, we really need to make sure the vast majority of Muslims support the form of Islam advocated by groups like the

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I think our tolerance of immigrating cultures can only go so far.

As soon as cultural practices press against the safety of the citizens in the country you've immigrated to, those cultural practices are going to have to cease.

Different countries, different cultural practices.
People really ought to realize this before they move.

It works both ways.
I've met a few Americans coming to Canada who just wont shut up about having to leave their gun at home and disarmed, otherwise try to get a license to carry.
If you can't handle the countries rules, DON'T GO TO THAT COUNTRY. It's common-sense.
Well said. Multiculturalism is fine, but people should be aware it also has an ugly face.
Exactly. Muslims have said the same thing when arresting people for "adultery" (sharing a hotel room with an unmarried partner): "if you are in our country, follow our rules." Yet they come to another country and cry discrimination if they aren't allowed to live exactly as they would in a Muslim country.

The only argument I have is people who are born in a country and stuck there don't have a choice. That's why I say human rights are still more important than a country's culture.
Thanks for the link. I hadn't heard of Quilliam before. In the UK muslims are referred to as either 'extreme' or 'moderate' as if there is nothing in between. A whole mindset seems to have evolved about what muslims think and how to engage them to stop them from being radicalised. Banning faith schools would be a start - and teaching children to think rationally.
Fascinating. Isn't Anjam a lovely bloke? I reckon it's the forced sexual repression that turns people into Anjams (and catherlic paedos). I feel sad for the women in islam. I have heard several defend the position on the hijab amd I think outlawing it would be the right way to go but we never will.

I get so frustrated at all this 'anti discriminatory practice' where we are supposed to be tolerant of groups that advocate savagery and 'medeival' practices.
Or perhaps, what creates Anjems is when someone with a big ego spots the opportunity to use religion (or some political ideology) to gain some power/respect/attention/kudos amongst their circle of supporters. All cult founders start cults for this reason.

Regarding the hijab, I also don't think a tolerant country like Britain will ever ban it. What is far more likely to happen, is that Muslim parents (and the preachers) will feel the political pressure or find that young girls are rejecting the faith completely because of the veil (among other repressive rules), and try to relax the rules a bit. There are no rules as such but there is a lot of social pressure.

There is already a bit of diversity among Muslims. The religious Muslim women who wear the face veil when out shopping etc, don't have too much hatred of those Muslim women who only wear the headscarf. But they have much more hatred of those Muslim women who don't even wear the headscarf. And of course, the level of hatred directed towards anyone who leaves the faith, is completely off the scale. I would not tell any Muslim I meet that I am an apostate of Islam. Fortunately, when living in the city you can be very anonymous, and as an Indian in Leicester I blend in perfectly.
Okay, then ... how would it be if I specified that I didn't want any muslim nurses or doctors exempt from this policy to treat me, as I couldn't be 100% certain of their freedom from the above-mentioned super-bugs??? That hygiene policy exists for a rational reason, and if they don't wish to follow it for what amounts to an irrational reason, I should have the right to protect myself from their irrationality!

How you like THEM apples?
Loren and John,
I agree. Someone really ought to refuse treatment and kick up a big fuss about this. It should be fun to see Muslims under pressure for their absurdity and to see this issue highlighted more.
I agree this is a brilliant Idea!
Kick up a BIG fuss!
I'm all for reasonable measures of cultural/religious sensitivity (you know since freedom of religion is guaranteed by the UK) but this is just insane! I can't wait for the first lawsuit between the patient who doesn't want to be treated by Muslim women and a Muslim women who is claiming she is being discriminated against. That should be a whole load of fun.




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