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It would be better if Muslims were NOT permitted to pray in the streets of Venice.

How about having them pray INDOORS ... I mean, what's with this public prayer crap?

Radical Muslims do everything to proselytize.  They can't afford TV ads so they show their devotion by flailing about in public venues.  In the same way, since they have no regular army or (except in Pakistan) no nucular arms, they do jihad by crashing airplanes into buildings.  What can you expect of people who live in the 8th century.

This is something I delt with when I was Paris. There, Muslims would just randomly fling themselves in the street. It frightened me. I mean, I knew they were praying, but at first glance, it looked like the person was having a fit! And I had to scramble to avoid stepping on them. It's just crazy!

The Pres ain't doing it out in the street.  I'm beginning to think that Venice is taking that old Beatles song too literally:

Though actually ... Someone WILL be watching them!

Only halal, please!  We're fundamentalists.  (Psssst! the reason you guys won't eat pork is -- get this -- your common ancestors B.R., Before Religion, got tired of whole tribes dying of tricky noses, those little worms that just love rotting pigs.  Now that we have refrigerators, we can eat all the pork we want. God gave us the electricity, right?)

any religion is good religion for the .. biz of it all.. and they still eat each other due to the built in sociopathic greed.. of it all .. w/race based religions (class based too

they had to to distract from the biggest story of all

The problem is, that story never gets enough traction to generate SERIOUS action ... like police arriving at church offices with blanket search warrants for documents and computers or maybe ... just maybe ... ARREST WARRANTS for those at the root of this whole issue.

I mean c'mon, guys ... why not?


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