I am a believer in that old adage, “Consider the source,” so I was thrilled when a man I greatly admire for his intelligence, writing, passion for reason and critical thinking -- and the freedom to apply same to the great issues of the day -- called my recent Huffington Post blog and video, Confessions of a Homo Sapiens Chauvinist,  “Visionary.”
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Russell Blackford is a literary critic, fellow fictioneer, and Conjoint Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Newcastle in Australia. He is also one of the leading thinkers on the future of humanity, especially as it concerns the ethics of emerging technologies and how those technologies may fundamentally change the human species. His books (check them out here on Amazon) are important additions to the greatest question of our era -- what will move humankind forward, reason and evidence or dogmatic faith?
Of course, when it comes to the competing universes of super-heroes, Russell is more of a Marvel guy, and I am more of a DC guy -- but you can’t agree on everything.
Despite that, I hope he's right about my address as I very much intended for it to be a positive message about and from an atheistic point-of-view.
I would love to have some feedback from this community.  Do you think my take on our species and what I see as its role in the universe has merit?  Do you think it's Pollyannaish? Do you agree that it flows from being an atheist? Do you think it's a crock?
If you like the video of my address and the text with it, or even if you just think it is worthy of consideration, I would appreciate it you would share it with others. 
I truly do believe we need to demonstrate to the world at large that to have an atheistic worldview is not to have a negative view that offers nothing to mankind.
You can see my blog here: Confession of a Homo Sapiens Chauvinist.

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