Every last Friday of the month, I still receive a newsletter from a church, even though I informed them last July that I was no longer going.


On this month's issue, there were some questions about prayer that made me laugh.


I answered them in my head as I read them.


1)  Church newsletter:  Does prayer make any difference:


Me:  No.  Because I am only talking and God does not exist.


2)  If God knows everything, what's the point of prayer?


Me:  How can anyone know something if they don't even exist?! 


3)  Does prayer change God or me?


Me.  Cant' change someone who does not exist.


4)  Why do answers to prayer seem so inconsistent?




If there really was a God, these answers WOULD be consistent!  God is supposed to be perfect, right?  Inconsistent answers to me suggest an imperfect, inconsistent, God who is random and selective.

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4)  Why do answers to prayer seem so inconsistent?



The answers are inconsistent because the person praying doesn't have a consistent means of fabricating an answer.

Yep, that is about the size of it.

This reminds me is that video about how praying to god has the exact sane results as praying to a gallon of milk. I wasted to provide a link, but I couldn't find it, sorry.
I have seen this and now I can't find it!  Aargh--going to look.
That's it!  Thank you!
ooohhh---look what I started! lol




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