On a youtube video featuring a gay theme, the Christians were going nuts.

I wrote this in the comments and it got 60+ likes so far and climbing fast.

Thought I would post it here too!


Incoming christians!
Batten down the hatches,
board up the door!
Damn you, christians, I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!

They'll say "gay is a choice"
then fill with rejoice,
as they think they are better than you
just because they all think the same imaginary friend is real.
But really, it's no big deal.

I have logic on my side.
Religion has tried,
but it can't.

Not anymore.
Religion is such a chore.
Following nonsense 
just to make a fake friend
and to avoid a punishment that isn't at the end.

Please Christians,
just listen to reason.
When I speak of science,
it's surely not treason.

So please,
being gay is simply genetics
there is no reason to be crazy fanatics.

Alas, that is all my time
I must bid you adieu
You can have your opinions,
but don't preach them too.





Hope you enjoyed it!


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