In memory of all the victims of 9/11. It makes me wanna cry when thinking about it as a middle eastern. I feel bad for anyone's bereavement of a family member , friend or a relative.  

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I know im not responsible but i feel sorry for the loss

Ibrahim, you are hardly at fault for the events of that day. Islam is not even at fault; it is the fault of a few radicals who used Islam as the justification for murder and mayhem.

While religions (especially Christianity and Islam) do tend to glorify martyrdom in the name of God, the particular religion or culture one was born into does not make an entire religion or culture guilty for the actions of a few nuts; it does show however, that morality really doesn't derive itself from religions.

Steven Weinberg famously said: “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.”

Though it might be an unpopular position, I suspect at one time the attackers on that day eleven years ago were in fact good people. They were twisted to evil by evil men with evil aims using faith and religion as their tools of propaganda.

That does not justify what they did. But it does put it in context. You are not evil for what someone else did, even if that someone was of your own family. At least in the USA, law and punishment are not visited on family or acquaintances: guilt-by-blood is specifically prohibited in the Constitution.

The Islamic-American community has specifically gone to great lengths to condemn those and other such acts. Regrettably, while the law recognises their innocence, uniformed and bigoted people do not; thus hatred, misunderstanding, and violence are fed in a never-ending viscous circle. I am amazed that despite all the crap Muslims have put up with here, they have not been more vocal and active against overt discrimination that they often receive here, at the hands of an equally few radicalised and fundamentalist Christians.

While the sentiment of apology is certainly appreciated by many, you are under no onus to apolgise for that which you did not do nor support, endlessly, every year. Neither are your kin, your countrymen, those of your former faith group, nor anyone else.

As for the proposed Park Fifty-One community centre in Manhattan "close" to the World Trade Center (it is over a quarter mile away), one person asked me once "Do you suppose that Americans would tolerate a Shinto shrine near the USS Arizona?" as if to say that there was something wrong with it. In point of fact, there are -seven- Shinto shrines closer to the Arizona than the Park Fifty-One centre would be to the World Trade Center site.

I meant to all of you that I feel bad for the loss

The loss is meaningless, unless the world learns something from it. I too feel sorry for the loss, and the resultant mayhem around the world that was the fallout from it.

Today at least, no politicians are at the World Trade Center (though the Vice-President is in Pennsylvania today). The presidential candidates have suspended campaigning for the day, a gesture to the fact that the issue was not a political one (in the sense of American politics anyway). The politicians are leaving today's memorials in New York and Arlington to the families.

I'm sorry for the loss of lives too. Such a tragic event. Terrible.

bush knocked em' down at command of koch n' co... what?
hollywood style. fear = control c'mon folks.. btw religion and 9/11 are so passé

one could say those folks died but their spirits live on in the secular /freethinking movements

Thanks, Ibrahim. If I may say so, as an American, I'm deeply sorry for how my countrymen have meddled in the Middle East, particularly in their support of a deeply discriminatory Jewish state. I've always wanted someone to give that apology to. I'm glad it could be you.

9/11 was an inside job. The facts the facts wow what can I say about the facts. Okay just a couple. Like no plane debris at the Pentagon (because the bunker buster doesn't leave much behind). Should be simple enough. The steel beams in the twin towers were cut at an angle and there were pools of thermite (cuts steel like a hot knife thru butter). Also the pancake theory in the 9/11 report leaves the steel beams intact, sticking straight up in the air.

Yeah feel sorry for the innocent victims, destroyed families and all of the suckers that think middle eastern terrorist were behind it.

Watch Zeigeist on netflix or youtube. I also watch several other documentaries on 9/11.

While I am not offended by Islam or Muslims for what a handful of radicals did, I am most offended, as a disabled veteran from that time, by the religion of conspiracy theory surrounding September 11.

Like any other religion, such "truthers" have their own prophets, their own holy book (edited YouTube videos), and even their own dogma.

And like most religious sects, none of them agree with each other. Like creationists, they can trot out a handful of folk with alleged degrees to back up their claims, whilst the overwhelming majority of scientific opinion on the matter is exactly what I and millions of others saw on television live that day, or in person in New York.

"Inside job" conspiracy theorists claim everything from "thermite built into the support columns" of the World Trade Center to "controlled demolitions" (though controlled demolitions do not start from the top of buildings, but the basement). They claim that a jet full of fuel could not weaken buildings sufficiently to cause them to collapse (I was an aircraft maintenance mechanic in the Navy, trust me, jet fuel burns plenty hot enough).

What really annoys and sickens me is not folk such as Ibrahim who wish to make amends for people who he was not responsible for, but those who try to paint victims and rescuers alike as part of some vast government conspiracy that apparently involved thousands of people to pull off but was nevertheless entirely hidden - this is the same government that no one trusts to get anything at all right here, yet they could pull off a perfect conspiracy with enough people to fill a small town (though the theorists can't agree even with each other what that conspiracy actually was).

If Atheist Nexus is nothing more than a place for 9/11 conspiracy creationists to peddle their conspiracy creationist nonsense (even if they cannot agree on which sect of conspiracy religion is the correct interpretation of the events), then this is not the place for me.

I came here looking for a pool of reason and sanity. I get enough crackpot religion elsewhere.

Author Jonathan Kay spent time researching conspiracy theories for his new book "Among the Truthers". Kay sits down with Steve Paikin to tell us what he believes is behind the rise in conspiracy theories.

Saying jet fuel burn plenty hot enough does not mean it burns hot enough to melt steel beams. None of the beams were left standing. It's not a conspiracy, facts are facts. Multiple people stated that there were explosions in the basement, including NY Fire fighters. Some most people just find it hard to believe that their government could carry out such an act. The funny thing is, it's not the first time. 

Anyways believe what ever you Saddam had WMDs.


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