okay so the other day we were talking about the Duggars(christian's with 19 kids.)She thinks it okay for them to have that many kids and I said what about a Atheist family who raises there kids wonderfully and has that many is okay?She said no because there children will grow up believing a lie.I almost gave her a peice of my mind but she doesn't know I'm Atheist.

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What exactly gives anyone the right to dictate how other people live their lives?

What exactly prevents those same people from dictating how you live yours?
Time to telll your friend that she's living the lie and you're living reality.
Iwant to but my mother doesn't know I'm Atheist yet.
Awe, the Duggars....the girls are raised to be baby makers and the sons are raised to go to school and get successful jobs and find babymakers. I remember the special they had on them before they got the series. I'm sure reality tv will show their true colors like it has done to anyother family dumb enough to sign those tv contracts. I'm betting something fraudelent turns up in their realty business.
I'm okay with people having however many kids they want as long as they are all loved and cared for. I wonder if your friend is against the idea of a Jewish family having lots of kids... what about a Hindu family from India? Should they all either convert or stop having kids?
I think so she has always been brainwashed by her family and her church.I feel sorry for her.
I don't believe so that is why I disagree with them and don't think they should have that many kids.
Back in the 1800s and early 1900s, it was common for families to have that many kids. My grandfather had 15 siblings. My great great grandfather had 32 kids between 3 wives!

Of course, it is a little different when you live in a sparsely populated area and you have to grow your own food.
These people are selfish and irresponsible. There's almost 7 billion of us and growing rapidly. These parents can't compensate for the impact on the planet their kids will have during their life. People like this will insure, and accelerate the need for, 1 child only laws for everyone in the not so distant future.
i know and I don't want to have kids.They think this is bad because it isn't in "Gods plan'.
She said no because there children will grow up believing a lie.

I would've said "That's ironic! I was thinking the same thing!" Kinda snarky and it doesn't give yourself away...




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