This is my first post in this group (or any group for that matter) so I hope this is allowed! If not, I apologize profusely, and if it is allowed, I have another one of these discussions with my family that is still "in the works". I thought some people in this group might be interested in how I deal with my family, and I'm open to hear what other people may have done if they were in my place. I'm also just going to link the image instead of posting it directly because its super huge.*F4TW0f8wbta8IL*mI7XKWdn...

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In my opinion, people shouldn't be afraid to talk about being an atheist. If a family member wants to let their invisible sky daddy be more important than another living breathing family member, then thats their problem.
I would call this one a win. You know it has to anger them when they cannot use fantasy to debunk your solid logic. I do the same thing, ignore when they say Thank God for my good hair today or whatever but chime in when they insult a fellow human who happens to be an atheist. Keep it up!
Briana, in my case my mother was religious and very disappointed that I wouldn't go to church. I was a Chem/Bio major in college and didn't want any part of Catholic beliefs.

I wouldn't budge an inch and she knew it. Eventually we reached an understanding and just didn't talk about it. Stay firm but not harsh or resentful. Come to some sort of understanding so you can get along.
When I was in high school, my parents said 'as long as you are in our house, you will go to church'. Then one morning I just didn't get dressed and said 'if you want me to go to church, you'll have to bring me in my pajamas.' That put an end to that.

I try not to be harsh or resentful. It just baffles me that my family can openly believe in a god who suggests they hate their families or stone a woman for having pre-marital sex.


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