I've been an athiest since I was 12.  I came out when I was 13.  Ever since then my dad has hated me. [I'm 18 now!]  Even when I've been able to prove to him God isn't real and we shouldn't wish he was real he still hangs on.  He threatened to put me in a group home when i was 14!!!  I'm moving out as soon as I can, but I wish I wouldn't have to cut off ties with my family.  I love my mom and grandparents and stuff, even though they are Christians they accept my beliefs and don't push religion on me.  But Dad refused to let me opt out of religion class in highschool, dragged me to church every Sunday and made me go discuss my beliefs with the priest!  I presented the facts calmly and rationally so he gave up... I lost a friend when I came out bt the rest of them respect athiesm even though they are Christian.  Anyway!  Back to Dad.  We hate each other's guts.  Now what? He can't force me to attend church anymore, but we can't even tlak to each other.

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Yep.  If I am ever caught in Colorado I am to be arrested. 

It's official.  My uncle has convinced the probate court to have me picked up as soon as I arrive in Colorado and so that I can be transported to a cell and held for 72 hours.

This is a fool that believes in Hitler's final decision and the great Jewish conspiracy and wears women 's clothes, stalk people and I am the crazy one?

You might want to approach the ACLU or the American Atheists or whatever groups there are out there who defend religious freedoms about this nonsense. There is no way they could actually arrest you for not going to church.

Stick with the people who still like you for who you are. They know that they can still love a person even if they don't like or agree with everything about them (atheism). What do they think of the feud between you and your dad and can they stick up for you?

You have to live your life as you see fit.  I can tell by your post that if you continue with this relationship with your dad, you'll end up more miserable.  I suggest that you back away from your dad for awhile and let things cool down.  Be there for him if there is an illness or a family crisis.  Be true to yourself and that is the important item at this time.


By coming out, in his eyes, this is a symbol of a parental failure.  You can't please everyone.

My I suggest the book "The Atheist Bible?"

When it comes to religious family members, you will most likely never get them to see your views as nothing more than an insult to theirs. My views differ from those of my family and we all know it but we do not discuss it. Nothing good could come from it. No one can hurt you quite like family can. 

I don't have any advice other than live your life for you.

That is so sad.It's his loss.Some people are just hateful.

There is often a price for standing up for yourself and not being forced to be someone you are not, but not as great as the price you pay for relenting. 

Love and friendship will not require you to change who you are, but encourage you to grow.

Most likely, your father does not hate you but fears what you represent... but he may gain courage over time.

Stay courageous, dear sister.  We are all part of the human family here.




Most likely, your father does not hate you but fears what you represent...

Absolutely. You've challenged a belief that he has built whole his life on and that must be frightening to him. Anger is a classic response.

You have been nothing more than honest. And you just happen to be more logical than him.

As a parent (and christian) isn't he supposed to love you despite your differences?

As Apeman Jim says, his understanding may develop with time.

my advice would be: Feel sorry for him and try to help him through this.

I do not think your dad hates you. He may be angry with you and that's quite different from hate. He must have loved you till you were 12. No father can forget the affection he had for his child. The anger must be superficial. You will understand this as you grow up and knowing your father's nature, you may be eventually devise ways to win his affection. Your father may also be thinking like you that you do not like him, he should know that this is not the case. Your mother also can possibly help you in this, if you open out your mind to her.


So Eve... How are things going now? You wrote this in October and I was wondering if your situation improved any.




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