For anyone who is interested, I have posted a detailed account of my evening hearing Richard Dawkins speak at Cal Tech.  You can read about it on my blog, Releasing Religion.  So many thoughts roving through my head right now.  I took five pages of notes, and laughed a bunch.  Oh, and got a free copy of "The Origin of the Species".  So many things discussed tonight are topics that would definitely hit a button here.  If you see something that hits a button, leave a comment, or bring the discussion over here to Atheist Nexus.

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I was also there. I managed to get Ray Comfort's autograph on my copy of the Origin of Species. I was part of a meetup group, Generation Atheist. (Link to the photos)

It was so much fun, and I fangirl squealed over Mr. Deity and Bill Nye. :3
Lol. That's great, Jennifer. What do you think was your favorite part of the night? Or your favorite point that Dawkins made?

Also, someone posted a comment about that copy of The Origin of the Species we all got. I'll relay it to you here: "If you've had the chance to look at the book you got, it's not what you think. Origin of Species is old enough to be public domain, so anyone can publish it. A Creationist named Ray Comfort (check him out on Wikipedia) created the version you received, and it was handed out by his followers. It contains the actual Origin of Species in really small font, barely readable, prefaced by 50 pages of BIG font claiming, essentially, that Evolution is wrong. It's a trick of the copyright laws, and is, indeed, bullshit. The lecture was great, I agree. Nice review. -Mark"
Thanks Maia - I went to your blog and read your update about seeing Dawkin's speech. I enjoyed your article.
Thank you, Linda! I had a good lot chat today with my father about it, as he is the one who introduced me to Dawkins. I was very surprised and disappointed to learn about the Origin of the Species books being published by a Creationist who is actually against Evolution!!
I already knew about that. I skipped to page 59 where the actual book started. He didn't mess with the actual text, which is what makes me happiest. If he had refuted between the text, I wouldn't have kept it.

I'd have to say Bill Nye showing up was the most exciting since I watched his show all the time as a kid. He's an American icon of the 90s. >.< As for what Dawkins said, it would have to be the example of the gazelle and the cheetah or the quote, "I'm too fucking busy and vice versa."
Now that's a sound-engineered beauty of a theatre/auditorium.


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