My 6 year old daughter's teacher tells the class to pray during the morning announcements. My daughter says they are told to put their heads down on their desk and pray for their families and friends. Considering she goes to public school, I am quite angry.

I decided my immediate approach will be to talk to the teacher about it but I don't know how to do it tactfully. Every time I think I do, I get pissed all over again. (I will NOT mention my personal beliefs because I feel they are irrelevant to the situation.) My boyfriend thinks I should use the approach of saying "I believe that prayer is a personal thing, and I don't believe that it's an appropriate activity for a public classroom of learning" or something like that. What do you guys think?

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I find this disturbing as well, as I've gone through a similar occurance this very school year with my daughter. I also live in a small religious community in Missouri where I am the only vocal atheist in town and it's caused my family much undeserved (but not unexpected) grief. You should not let the religious fear mongers keep you from standing up for yourself and your children. Get an advocate or take a trusted friend but don't let them intimidate you. That is their most powerful weapon in usually weak arsenal. They, the religious, vastly outnumber us but you have the law on your side. Use it if you can or must. I personally spoke with the school's principal about my concerns that an agent of the state being a member of her faculty or staff was in violation of state constitution banning teachers or faculty from distributing religious pamphlets on school property during school hours. She was not unreasonable and ageed to look into the matter and discuss the breach of state law with her staff. Look into the state of Texas Constitution regarding the seperation of church and state and act accordingly. As many posts above have stated, if you wish to remain anonymous then please, please seek an advocate. Don't let them exercise their unconscionable ability to indoctrinate those you love. Thank you for posting and I wish you well.
I am with Kristy. Ask the FFrF folks to help you and remain anonymous. We also live in a very small religious Oklahoma town and it is hard enough to keep things peacefull and smooth without adding conflict over religion to the mix. We're lesbian, vegetarian raising two african american kids in an all white town. If you ever want to commisserate send us an email:0
Keia, wow! I really don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said. Just wanted to add my support. I will be very interested in hearing how this works out for you. Same for the others posting with the same problem.

I'm curious, how does your daughter feel about this? I have a son who is six and we don't really talk about religion yet because he hasn't asked. I'm sure it's partly because he hasn't encountered anything or anyone so blatant about it.
Unfortunately, my daughter is very conflicted about "God/Jesus" already. My mom is a crazy creationist who's already told my daughter that "gays are abomination", "God will destroy you if you don't..." and "if you don't believe in God you will go to hell". My daughter says she believes in God because of my mom, but she's so conflicted. This praying stuff confused her more. My daughter knows how I feel about things but my mom is already messing her up. This was even more reason to be angry that a teacher would lead to further confuse my daughter.
Ugh. What a difficult situation with your mom. She's essentially telling your daughter that her mom is going to hell. That's horrible.
Call the school anonymously... Tell them the name of the teacher and tell them to take care of it.. I feel like the teacher might look at your daughter differently if you confront her directly..
Don't know if this will help any but AU has come out with a free book called Religion in the Public Schools: A Road Map for Avoiding Lawsuits and Respecting Parents’ Legal Rights.

You can get a PDF copy here....

You can even report violations. Hope this helps.
Peace! :)
Excuse me?! If their heads are down on the desk and they are praying....they are not learning.

Secondly, religion is a belief in magic...this teacher is teaching kids that magic works to help people. If she can prove it, then I'd say go right ahead and pray, in fact, do away with doctors and hospitals and just

I am outraged. This teacher knows full well what she is doing. The problem with the religious magicians, is that they love being martyrs. OK, make this teacher a martyr and sue the crap out of her, the school board, and the church she belongs to...who told her to do this.

Hugs...and good luck.
I agree with a previous poster about the teacher being convinced that she is doing what's best for everyone. It's easy to say "stand up for your rights", but i'm in Louisiana, and i know about backlash. I wouldn't be surprised if this teacher made an example your daughter, because you brought this up; "Kids, we can't pray, all because of Keia". It's very overwhelming to be surrounded by ignorant people. A couple years back, I went to my nephew's football game, and a prayer was read over the speakers. I couldn't believe it. I was definitely alone in that situation. You definitely have to keep fighting the best way you know how. Don't let your mom poison your daughter's mind. My idea was to type a letter, and send it to the principal, but you said that she asked kids to pray. Unbelievable. I also agree with other posters about not approaching the teacher directly. That could turn out bad for you and your daughter. I know you're just concentrating on your daughter's education, and don't want to start anything, but you have have to fight this. It could be one of the best things you could teach your daughter.
It's probably late in the game, but I for one would like to know if you're doing okay since this started.
We lived in a small Colorado town and told a neighbor we were atheists (actually, she guessed it and we confirmed). not long after the other townsfolk began treating us differently, then the landlord gave us six-months notice to move. He knew the law enough to say that he was selling the place and wanted us gone before harvest, but that ended it for us.
If you can avoid exposure, remain anonymous. We count our ancestors as Northern European (pink skinned and blond); I cannot imagine being of color and dealing with this.
Whatever the outcome, best of luck!
The answer is simple.

Behead your daughter's teacher.
If the principal is now leading a campus-wide prayer request or whatever, you need to get the really big dogs involved. They are blatantly ignoring the law. Contact the ACLU as suggested previously. >.X

I went to a TX high school as well, and was surprised to hear prayers led at the football games.




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