I thought Clint Eastwood was channeling Charlton Heston the other day: idiotic, incoherent, incontinent and… wait a minute… what the hell is it with Republicans and monkey movies? Ronald Reagan in Bedtime for Bonzo, Heston in Planet of the Apes and Clint in Every Which Way But Loose*.

For people who hate evolution so much they sure love to pal around with those damn dirty apes, the closest  and most visually persuasive reminder of our common lineage.

Is there some sort of monkey movie litmus test to be Republican spokesman? Notice Bush, resembled a chimp, acted like a chimp, ate his own feces like a chimp** but was nowhere to be seen at the RNC. Proof that, yes, there is a monkey movie litmus test! So does Jack Black, James Franco, Marky Mark or Matt LeBlanc inherit the crazy jacket when Clint kicks off? We shall see….


* To be fair, this filmatic masterpiece did spaw two sequels "Any Which Way You Can" and "Pink Cadilac". The monkey was way hotter in the orignal two.

**citation needed

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That was funny - enjoyed reading that!

Good one..




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