i consulted my doctor about my legs that have a rashes. i asked her if my depression is related to my dry skin and hair loss. at first, she suggest scientifically after that she told me the only way can help me to find a peace of mind is from Jesus Christ. i didnt want to answer or argue while she was talking but i couldnt stop myself at that time. i said bible told us, earth is around thousand years but science said, earth is billion years. i told her also, most of japanese they dont believe in god but they have a good economy, low crime rate, and low teen pregnancy. she said "based on statistic on the world. people who have Christ more peace of mind and suffered depression while other people who didnt believe in god or not religious."

i know here in our country which religious have a high statistic of depression..
i know why people still insist their faith even they see what happened in our surroundings because of culture, faith, and social acceptance. can anyone give me other reasons so i can understand them more?

can anyone give me tips what should i do when i cant stop myself to tell what is in mind?

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CBT isn't a one-time event to magically fix cures. It is simply a more guided form of psychotherapy than say, psychodynamic treatment, with homework assignments and guided work.

I am a graduate student in forensic psychology, so there is a stronger focus on CBT, than with those who do general clinical work.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help from a psychologist/therapist who is well-trained in how to treat your issues. But if they are bringing up religion, then they are incompetent, and you should find another. The only time religion should ever be brought up in therapy is when the client is religious and uses it as emotional support. But that should be the case with any professional relationship, unless you're seeking counseling specifically from a clergy.
A) Find another doctor - one who practices actual medicine without the woo woo.
B) If you literally can't stop yourself it sounds like it is because what you are being told is so absurd and so innappropriate (as this doctor was for suggesting you destress through Jesus), I wouldn't worry about it. I am usually really good, but sometimes I can't help myself and I don't beat myself up about it. I have had nurses tell me they don't believe in Evolution - and I tell them flat out - tell me what hospital you work at because seriously, I don't want you to care for me. And I don't. When it comes to your health, you deserve to be treated by reality based medical professionals. Not hacks who think praying is going to solve your problem. (just my two cents.)
if your doctor is paid by a major health plan you need to contact them and file a complaint against this unethical doctor. It is unethical for a doctor to use their position to promote any, or no, religion. A physician need to make sure that all people regardless of religion, politics, race, sex, sexual orientation, have quality evidence based care. Then you need to get a different doctor.
I'm not a doctor, but I think you could probably shut yours up by having her run your blood. Test for endocrine issues, thyroid, adrenal gland insufficiencies...even vitamin problems.

Don't waste time with nonsense. Especially if for some reason you are stuck with this loser. If the tests come back skewed, see what "do no harm" says when the advice is worthless compared to an Rx.

I would like to read this entire thread because I'm sure what the OP had to say will resonate.


I skimmed the part about dry skin and hair loss. Have your thyroid checked. If the test comes back negative, ask about other tests and have yourself tested again. Dry skin, hair loss and depression are all symptoms of hypothyroidism.


I was just diagnosed with low thyroid. I've had some of the symptoms for years (depression and lack of energy, most notably). I've been tested before, but this is the first time the test has come back positive. It's likely my thyroid function has been low for quite some time and was not picked up by earlier tests.

Its really sad that someone spends that much time to earn multiple science based degrees then fdefaults to superstition.

Fire her and report her to the board. Unsolicited religious discussions are not professional.


DBT might help- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is a form of CBT that is so effective they are using it on prisoners and with people who have stage 4 lung cancer and even borderlines who are the hardest of all to treat.

There are four phases to it and you learn to manipulated your own emotions instead of letting them manipulate you. Not a magic bullet but it does work better than anything else I have ever tried.

Try Whole Foods? Phillipines? As long as you have the internet you got us~

Personally, I think religion and medicine need to be kept separate, like church and state.  If you spend the time trying to make your viewpoint made, you will not get good medical care.

I would ask the doctor to please stick to science and medicine.  Tell her you are your own spiritual advisor.

Keep it professional in the doctor's office.

or get a new doctor,  they are only educated in medicine, the rest they don't know a damned bit more than  you.

So, I have been reading this thread, and this is a problem that I have come across as well.  I have been very hard pressed to find a decent family physician that doesn't have some sort of christian slant.  First, is this illegal?  I was asked upon intake whether i had certian ethical or rleigious beliefs that could influence the treatment I were to receive.  That seemed like a fair question to me, but in reality, is it?  As a doctor, can you not give the correct treatment because your clinet wants to pray for the problem, or believes there isn't a problem?  And second, when I said no, i have no religious beliefs, I am an atheist, I was asked Why? I was pretty shocked, as that is none of their business.  Anyone else have this type of experience?


Wow, I would be shocked, too, being asked why.  None of your damned business,eh.

It is such a tough situation, sometimes.  I tend to get testy about stuff like that.  The medicos go into defense mode, "this is a hostile patient" or similar nonsense.  Then the patient has a new label, even if unwritten.  I was a Physical Therapist, I have sat in on meetings and have observed these responses about my patients (not for religion but simply for being assertive).  I have a disability and I have some knowledge, so I question a lot; oh the looks I do get.  I wouldn't be surprised if they have me listed as "this one is a butthead.

Mostly, I believe you have to leave your attitude outside the door.  Never take abuse, that is not my point.  Know that you get judged whether it is right or not. 

Ask questions, force them to respond with meaningful answers, but stay calm.

Sorry to have belabored the point but doctors have sooo much medical-legal power, you can get really screwed with one comment of "Patient was not cooperative"  in your chart, especially in worker comp or auto injuries where the law may come into play.

Tolerate no bull shit.  They are no better than anyone else, they merely have medical knowledge and power. Amen, he said to the choir.




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