i consulted my doctor about my legs that have a rashes. i asked her if my depression is related to my dry skin and hair loss. at first, she suggest scientifically after that she told me the only way can help me to find a peace of mind is from Jesus Christ. i didnt want to answer or argue while she was talking but i couldnt stop myself at that time. i said bible told us, earth is around thousand years but science said, earth is billion years. i told her also, most of japanese they dont believe in god but they have a good economy, low crime rate, and low teen pregnancy. she said "based on statistic on the world. people who have Christ more peace of mind and suffered depression while other people who didnt believe in god or not religious."

i know here in our country which religious have a high statistic of depression..
i know why people still insist their faith even they see what happened in our surroundings because of culture, faith, and social acceptance. can anyone give me other reasons so i can understand them more?

can anyone give me tips what should i do when i cant stop myself to tell what is in mind?

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Thanks for that response.  The part about the doctor noting that I may be a "difficult" client"  was very eye-opening.  Really, I just need to change doctors, because the relationship started off on the wrong foot and has not improved.
Good luck, sounds like a good decision.
I'll bet the legality depends on locality rules.  I live in West Virginia, and when I (a white woman) picked a primary doc for me and my child "of color" from the rural clinic,  I picked the only "foreign" name.  She is a fairly recent immigrant from somewhere in Asia and this former Jew and my hispanic child do well in the white-bread world.
Asking about potential impacts of religion on treatment my be required. Some religious groups decline transfusions- such as Jehovah's Witnesses. If you get into a situation where treatment may require transfusion, and you do so without their permission, that is technically assault, and has legal penalties. Ive heard of situations where pork-derived insulin was an issue for Muslims and jews, but I think that product is no longer on the market, not sure.

Now for some reason the federal govt is requiring that questions about ethnicity and language be asked - I don't know why. I think it's to track to make sure that all people receive fair treatment, but I could be wrong.

My impression is that they are increasingly information - intense, overaggressive, and overbearing and it's going to get worse. Again, I could be wrong.

what happened with the doctor and this issue?   I hope that there was resolution on your medical troubles.



Some books that I highly recommend:


"59 Seconds" by Richard Wiseman

"Depression Is A Choice" by A.B. Curtiss

"Brainswitching Out of Depression" by A.B. Curtiss (the follow-up book to "Depression Is A Choice", which has more strategies for handling depression). 


Also, if you have a strained relationship with your doctor, you might want to seek out a new one.

The title is very misleading and the author stated in her second book that she did not like the title, but that was what the publisher wanted to go with.  As Curtiss says in the book, no one would intentionally choose depression.  That would be like when Christians say that people choose to go to Hell. 


What she means by "depression is a choice" is that when we are depressed and aware that we are depressed, we can choose to redirect our thinking if we are shown how to do it.  The point of the book is to share these strategies for redirecting your thinking out of the spiral of depression and to learn to catch yourself as soon as you start to get depressed.  It is essentially the same concept as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 


Back in 2007, I was in a deep depression and I quit my job of five years because I felt I needed to take care of my mental health before I did something rash.  In hindsight, I shouldn't have quit my job, but when you are in a deep depression, your thoughts arent' rational.  I went to the library and started looking for books on depression.  The first couple I read were a complete waste of time.  Then I went back to the library and came across "Depression Is a Choice".  I sat down and read the first few pages.  It appealed to me.  I ended up reading half the book there in the library and finished it the next day.  It completely changed the way that I viewed depression. 




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