Hi all, I have recently joined the AN. I am a journalist from Poland currently writing an ebook and would appreciate your feedback. A brief sample is available here:


It will grow over time. Just tell me if it is any good.

I have also started my own group for this here:


You are all welcome to join and discuss the book there with me.



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Karol, I like your style, it is vibrant, visual as well as evocative and thought provoking. I look forward to more additions. 

I especially like this paragraph:

"Therefore, when I look around I really DO NOT like what I see. I see repression of women, 

Hi Joan,

Things went faster than I anticipated and the entire book is now available at Smashwords. The first few pages are available for free for everyone to see and decide. The complete book has chapters on many aspects of religion's impact on our lives. Looking for your feedback:



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