My family is very similar to the Westboro Baptist Church!

I am having some issues at home with my family. I live on a family farm you see, so my neighbors are my aunts, uncles, and cousins. For about 20 or more years, my uncle and aunt have been Independent Baptist. Well, one day I went to visit their church because I was curious in what they believe in. I found out it was very similar to the WBC EXCEPT that they are more outspoken than my family is. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but they recently conned my great aunt into signing over her $180,000 home along with a silver 2007 Taurus ABSOLUTELY FREE. This made me very mad. Any advice or legal help?

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That is so sad to hear.

Hopefully you will be able to move out soon and be on your own.

Welcome to the site.

I hope your great aunt learns a lesson. Sometimes it will take something like this to open someones eyes. The legal angle doesn't seem promising. I think the swindlers may have their bases covered. How xtian of them.

'some'? ha! that's fubar mang!?
look up corporate lawyer in your area. that's all I got. and read this:


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