"I believe we need God now more then anythin! To help us get through the rough times!"


"Hi Lord, it’s me. We are getting older and things are getting bad here. Gas prices are too high, no jobs, food and heating costs too high. I know some have taken you out of our schools, government & even Christmas, but Lord I'm asking you to come back and re-bless America. We really need you! There are more of us who want you than those who don't! Thank You Lord, I Love you.(Re-post if you agree)"


So those were the first to posts when I opened up Facebook this morning.  The first was from a would-be-cousin (they aren't married yet, but it is only a matter of time).  The second was from another cousin.  These guys live around Alexandria, MN. 


I so desperately want to reply. 


Tell the first one that when times are rough she needs to believe in herself because she's an amazing woman who is capable of tremendous things. 

To the second I want to bitchslap across cyberspace.  This is such a selfish petty insincere copy/paste prayer.  So what that things have gotten a little tight and expensive here in the USA.  Do we really have it so bad when there are other areas of the world that have SO much less?!  I guess we are only "blessed by god" if we have cheap fuel and food and low unemployment.  Fuck that we have a family, shelter, toys, clothing, and other creature comforts too numerous to bother listing.  And do I really have to list all the ways judeo/christian religion permeates our government policy?  Seriously, by a clue.

As much as I want to tell these people these things, it's family.  As it is my mother is mildly embarrassed by me.  I'm too opinionated she says.  Perhaps sometimes I need to keep things to myself.  If they only knew how much of myself was filtered. 

Thursdays... I never did get the hang of Thursdays.  *sigh*

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I guess that's another reason that i still have not joined facebook. It wouldn't be pretty. Instead of challenging them, maybe you could comeback with some atheist quotes, or positive thoughts.

I guess god is keeping up with the times. Not only is he keeping an eye on everyone every second of the day, but he's apparently scouring all the Facebook and Twitter postings now too. That must be one damned fast computer! But of course you know he just had to of made it himself...


Maybe you should ask your cousins if they really think god is reading the Facebook posts. If they reply in the affirmative, send them links to local psychiatrists.

god this god that, it's always the easy response to virtually anything, you don't have to think about the reality of cause and effect.
I have a hard time with this too; both of my parents are extremely religious and i have a lot of friends from my church going days years ago. I have to try to remember that they are good people despite their irrational beliefs and that i love them non-the-less.
With the more open-minded ones I may enter into some off-line discussion. With the others I try to take it with a grain of salt and have come to the point of quoting secular thinkers, scientists, poets, ect., in my own posts. Some of them are merely acquaintances or friends of friends and I either lightly challenge them or just take them off my account.




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