Some of the members here know a little of this. Just as many know nothing at all. What the media says can be found if you Google "Austin Lusty killed in Sullivan, Missouri." If that fails you then add the date and see the results.

   My daughter, myself, and the rest of our family was devastated. Local police picked up the killer but had to let him go after a 24 hour hold when the Union, Mo. prosecutor failed to press charges because the killer said "it was all in self defense." That rings so hollow to me. Such a decission would have to be made by a jury, not Robert Parks, the prosecutor. How can you have a 24 year old dead with 4 stab wounds and a 43 year old who has no injuries and make such a claim? It defies logic.

   I have to admit that everything here was drug related, everybody knew each other, and everybody lied. This made it hard for law enforcement to get any truth on the matter, and the official story is only partly true. Maybe nobody really cared because of this, but it isn't right. Who will this guy kill next? What punishment might stop him and get him off the streets? Why is he allowed to run free?

   I'm posting this because we need help. Can this Missouri prosecutor be forced to do something? How would we get the feds to look in on this case? The decission to let it go and not prosecute is almost like something you would see in an Old West movie. It gets worse because there is no one to back up the "self defense" story. This is all an insane nightmare.

   Does anyone know how we might get justice in the murder of my grandson?

   Thanks in advance for your replies.


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Officially my grandson was said to have heard arguing by a man and a woman outside the building and he went outside to take up for the woman.

Unofficially there was a knock on the door and at least 3 people came outside. A man and woman were arguing alright because the man had came there to confront, Donald, the home owner, for being involved with his girlfriend. Everyone was scared to death except for my grandson. He stepped off the porch into the alley to take up for his friend, Donald, who had given him a place to stay. It cost him his life.

Soon Austin comes back into the house bleeding everywhere and unable to talk, but he tried to. They tried to stop his bleeding, cleaned up blood and hid drugs, made up stories, then finally wanting to take Austin to the hospital but it was too late. They robbed him (even of his ID) and put his lifeless body in the alley, calling for police and ambulance. He was DOA at the hospital but they revived him and did as much as they could before declaring him dead.

Some people do not believe the story I just wrote. It's no surprise to me that a little over a week ago the girlfreind of my grandson's killer ended up living with her new boyfriend, Donald. At least that's what I have been told. Now you see the substance of the real story.

Michael, about the only thing I can think of is a petition.  The problem is that it will need some SERIOUS circulation to gain any kind of traction, which means not just Atheist Nexus but your local community (if there's any sympathy there), Facebook, and any other venues where you think it might spark interest.  Your local elected representatives would be another place to go, but again, the results may be iffy.

Condolences, bro ... and best wishes.

My daughters have a petition on Facebook for Change.Org on this matter. I'm not seeing it go anywhere. In fact, all I see on Facebook is the same old lame god-inspired bullshit of poems and other religious nonsense that makes me wanna throw up.

Some people on Facebook have given Austin's mom a lengthy "testamony" of events when the first thing they claim is that they did not witness anything. Some of these people are scared to death, and yet they all want to look good. The lies make it impossible to get anything concrete for evidence even though the killer admits he did the killing. It makes me think that our local prosecutor and others are afraid to do anything here, maybe because of drugs.

If I killed someone tomorrow and the cops arrested me, then I claim "self defense" you can bet your ass that I'm going to trial.

Anyway, thanks Loren. If you have any other ideas let me know.

Michael, first of all, my sincerest and deepest sympathy. I've heard people tell those who have lost a child or grandchild, "I know how you must feel." The truth is I don't how you must feel at such a devastating loss like that, never having lost a descendant. And, pardon me for being selfish, but I don't ever want to know. I do wish you and your family all the best.

As to getting the government off their ass, here's my suggestion (having worked in the criminal justice system in a neighboring state [Illinois] for 30 years), there's a couple of things that come to mind. I'm not taking one side or another here, but trying to look at it as a former prosecutor myself.

First, it really may be that the prosecutor doesn't have sufficient evidence to go forward. I've had that happen to me, and have seen it happen in other cases that I defended after leaving office. Unfortunately, it's an extremely bitter pill for the family to swallow. But, that doesn't mean because the case can't go forward today, a prosecutor won't be able to do it in the future in light of new evidence. Remember, there is no statute of limitations on murder, so the suspect from Steeleville has the rest of his life to look over his shoulder. 

Now, let's take another scenario. Say that there is sufficient evidence to go forward and the prosecutor doesn't want to (for whatever reason). Probably not anything you can do regarding his decision. You can, however, attempt to make a difference in the political area. Read that as his re-election. Similar to what is going on with Bill Cosby right now. The former prosecutor wouldn't file charges, and he got thrown out of office. The current one has indicted him.

Finally, as to the feds. The good news is that they are entirely independent of State prosecutors. Now, while they have no jurisdiction over state murder charges, they can file a federal criminal civil rights suit. Taking someone's life away is a denial of that citizen's civil rights. And a conviction does carry prison time. Now for the bad news. My experience with the federal prosecutor is that they won't touch a case unless the evidence is more solid than a granite mountain. If the evidence is questionable, I doubt they would pick it up. I could be wrong, but this opinion is based on prior experience working with them.

I hope this in some way helps, and again, wish you and your family all the best.

Thanks for the nice reply, Pat. I'm still wondering what evidence they would need when the killer admits that he killed the boy. In my mind this would be enough to say that a jury should decide the fate of the killer.

My area is rampant with drugs and rumors again of cartels and new, stronger drugs coming in. How deep does such involvement go? We had a case here years ago where Diane Coleman was murdered and it was drug involved. Most of them are in prison now and a few turned state's evidence. The case went on and on because of all the drug involvement. One day it all fell in place.

My sympathy to you and your family for your loss.

I cannot say I haven't seen it before, I had a friend who lost his son in the same manner and his killer claimed self defence, and it apparently was drug related, but my friend has never known his son to be violent, nor ever carry a weapon.  His murder was over 30 years ago and my friend had been seeking justice ever since, but the stress has taken its toll and my friend now suffers severe dementia and has had a couple of heart attacks.  His family say it had been the stress in trying to get justice that deprived him of his health at an early age.  I didn't know how to help him and that depressed me somewhat.

He could never forgive his son's assassin, and there was no legal means by which he could prove his son was actually murdered.

I still think that if he could be accepting of the court's decision, even though he did not like it, there was always the possibility that the circumstances may have driven his son ( a high flying business man) to attacking the man who killed him and it may very well have been self-defence.

If I could only get him to be sceptical of his own bias, and accepting, even forgiving, it would not have taken such a hefty toll on his psychological health.

I have witnessed people who under similar circumstances, have forgiven their child's killer and to their own surprise, they felt a massive relief from being so forgiving and it won them many friends and much sincere pity, even from the killers themselves.  One I read about, even became friends with his son's killer who had offered to try and make amends.

I hope there is something in this of value.

It is bad enough to lose a family member, but it only amplifies the pain when another member of the family cannot let go and destroys their own life and health stressing over the original loss.

My father did this over my sister when she died too early from cancer, he ended up on anti-depressants for the rest of his life and also suffered dementia too early, something nobody in the history of our family ever had.

It's true, it's very hard to forgive someone, especially when the hurt goes deep, but in the end you forgive someone to heal yourself. Try it when you can!

I'm sorry I didn't even write you a line, Michael - that was not from lack of empathy but because I felt speechless.

Indeed, I feel the same way you do with this but there is an exception with me. I am not forgiving anyone.

What I do admit is that the killer is likely right in his assertion of self defense. What do I mean with this remark? It means that if the killer did not defend himself that he might be the one that is dead. That would seem plain and simple, but the killer came there that evening seeking a fight. My grandson was defending Donald, who now lives with the killer's girlfriend.

I hope that Robert Parks does not seek re-election as prosecutor. His blunder here in this case will most likely seal his defeat.

I've had dealings with extremely bigoted prosecutors who let their bigotry get in the way of justice, they should weed out these cranks before they reach such a position that relies on selfless adherence to rational critical thinking.  

Any prosecutor who can be shown as letting their prejudices get in the way of justice, should be instantly dismissed.

Same with defence lawyers, as I've known of cases where the defence lawyer was bigoted against his own client and shafted him, even though the defendant was completely innocent of all charges.  His own lawyer hammered the nails into his hands and left him hanging.  This defendant couldn't afford another lawyer, (he had a cheap crappy one) so there is another issue with Justice Systems, good representation costs more money than many can afford, so many suffer injustice at the hands of the justice system, due to lack of liquid capital.  

Legal systems so often suck of stupidity.

Money so often speaks louder than truth and justice.

Right now we are trying to get people to sign our petition. It doesn't matter where you are from to do that.

One of the next steps if the petition fails to get the prosecutor going is to try for a wrongful death lawsuit. The basis of that is simple. It can be shown that you stabbed him with malice and bad intent. (There was an autopsy) If you had not of stabbed him he would still be alive today.

Sign our petition for us, DOG.

Have you got a link, Michael?

YES. Here is the link:

It can also be found in my post "Please Sign Our Petition - Justice For Austin Lusty."


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