“I was not. I have been, I am not. I am so grateful to have participated in life!”

A beloved cousin died yesterday and we, at a Johnson/Smith/Denoo family get together had a discussion about what we want inscribed on our gravesite. I don't intend to have a gravesite, but will have a marker placed on my mother's grave. I want it to be clear that when I die, my mind, body and emotions change into a different form and return to the atoms from which I evolved. 

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Not exactly "evolved from" atoms.

This is what hydrogen atoms do, given 13.798±0.037 billion years of cosmic evolution.

OK, What is the term I should use to convey the idea that I came from slime? And that is OK with me. In fact, I kind of like the idea. All living things came from a common source. My skin is not worse or better than any other critter's skin. We are all part of a network of Indra's Net.


I like this image better to represent a connectedness in three dimensions. 

Joan, will replacing the X below, maybe with star stuff, convey the idea?

From X I came and to X I have returned.

Right now I'm thinking of a high-tech gravestone that on different days replaces the X with pond scum, blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria.

Maybe flashing differently colored lights.

Oh! that would be eye-catching, Tom, and maybe some bells and penny whistles?

What are the correct words to use? Thanks for the comment. 

Joan, my condolences to, on the loss of your cousin.

My plan is natural burial.  In Washington state near the Columbia River Gorge is theWhite Eagle Memorial Preserve, a nature preserve cemetery where the departed are buried in a biodegradable shroud, without preservatives or toxic chemicals, and allowed to merge with the surrounding soil, meadow, ponderosa pine forest.  I don't know if they have markers.  If they do, I would like my favorite Robert Green Ingersoll "Happiness" quotation.   Although the other saying on my profile page is also good:  Traditional Mongolian saying, translated: "Lords hate those who say truth, dogs hate those who ride cattle."  Pat has a better sense of humor than I do.

Carl and Patricia, noble and practical.  I feel like I SHOULD do that, but the formaldehyde is not to my liking.  Who knows, maybe I got my cancer from all of the formaldehyde I breathed in while dissecting people in medical school.  Probably not - if that was the case, a lot more doctors would have this cancer -, but who knows?

Daniel, I like this concept. Thanks for the link. I also like your Robert Green Ingersoll "Happiness" quotation. I'm glad there are more options than the old fashioned pump them full of chemicals and make them look pretty in the casket option. 

Being kept in formaldehyde keeps me from donating to science too. Which is kind of strange since I don't believe anything follows death.

I'll leave no body and have no marker.

I'm still debating the merit of having my ashes scattered. That seems pointless, except the ashes have to go somewhere. I suppose I should consider where they might wind up if I'm not specific. Ehh...back to pointless.

I'm thinking I'll just have a list of GPS coordinates distributed to my friends. Nothing else, just the coordinates. If they choose, they can make use of those places I've enjoyed.

Well, perhaps our beginning is pointless, as is our ending. From where, to where?; or from what to what? 

I like the coordinates idea. 

I want inscribed in mines "died old ,godless, and horny!"XD




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