“I was not. I have been, I am not. I am so grateful to have participated in life!”

A beloved cousin died yesterday and we, at a Johnson/Smith/Denoo family get together had a discussion about what we want inscribed on our gravesite. I don't intend to have a gravesite, but will have a marker placed on my mother's grave. I want it to be clear that when I die, my mind, body and emotions change into a different form and return to the atoms from which I evolved. 

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Feel free Pat.  And thanks for the compliment. Both you and Bertold.

*splash!*  (plus sounds of fish swimming up for a taste)

num num num num num

I had "Eww-ptui-spit!" in mind.

Ha ha,   I was thinking of my unused body parts, and how the fish would react.  Is that what you were referring to?

Not really.  I've already paid for my cremation and ocean disposal; I don't imagine ashes and bone pieces will be very tasty....even to sharks.

I don't want a grave or monument, but have made it clear to all of my likely survivors that the matter is entirely up to them, as I won't be around to care.  If I could design a monument for my grave, it might read something like, "Está prohibido orinar aquí".


OK! Well, one thing about urine, it makes plants grow more lushly, if not overdone. Several of our members report using it regularly in their garden. 

Supposedly keeps deer and other wild vegetarians away from the garden, too.  A sign that "A big, bad, meat-eater owns this!"

A very popular sign around here is, "We Don't Swim in Your Toilet, So PLEASE Don't Pee in Our Pool!"  My sister posted one by our pool decades ago.

I've prepaid for cremation with a society that will pick up my remains and incinerate them anywhere, but if I had a tombstone, I would like one of Piet Hein's Grooks:

Sometimes, exhausted with toil and endeavour,
I wish I could sleep for ever and ever;
But then this reflection my longing allays:
I shall be doing it one of these days.

And I would add to it; now that I'm not, I am.

Or how about this Epicurean statement:

Once I was not

Then joy and woes

Again I'm not

And so it goes.




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