“I was not. I have been, I am not. I am so grateful to have participated in life!”

A beloved cousin died yesterday and we, at a Johnson/Smith/Denoo family get together had a discussion about what we want inscribed on our gravesite. I don't intend to have a gravesite, but will have a marker placed on my mother's grave. I want it to be clear that when I die, my mind, body and emotions change into a different form and return to the atoms from which I evolved. 

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Joan, sorry to hear about the death of your cousin. 

Like you, I will not have a gravesite,  It's my intention to give my full body to science to be used for research and education.  After my death, I would like to have a memorial party given in my honor which would include good food, good music and oral readings of meaningful and philosophical quotes and poetry.  What I leave behind will not be in stone but, hopefully, in pleasant memories. 

On Keats' grave:  "Here lies one whose name was writ in water"

It's funny, I thought his inscription went "My name is writ ON water". I like that better actually.  I like the idea of graven water.

Notwithstanding the following, I am sorry to hear about your cousin, Joan. My sympathy, and wishing you the best.

I think if I'm going to have a marker (no grave - will be cremated), and it is to truly reflect who I was, it would probably be some smart alec remark. I know at that time of reflection, it's supposed to be serious and philosophical, but I always try to see the humor in almost everything.

Probably something like,

"I Told You I Wasn't Feeling Well", or
"Now What?"
"In Loving Memory of What's His Name"
"He Lived Each Day As Though It Was His Last, Which Apparently It Was"
"Here Lies Pat. A Good Father and Good Man, But A Real Shitty Electrician"
"Sent a Tweet To His Wife, Meant for Leander, And Here He Now Lies, Six Feet Under"

I want to see "I told you I wasn't feeling well" in a graveyard!

Ya cracked me up with that one.

I've seen that one Luara.

Luara, I like "I told you I wasn't feeling well".

One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons is two women standing in front of a tombstone, one the wife of the departed. She says, "I told him it wouldn't kill him to be nice just once. I guess I was wrong."

"Shitty Electrician"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaEfU47QY_k

aka Val Riolo, a cameraman/technician at KCET when I worked there back in the 1970s.  Now he's an upscale real estate photographer.

That looks like something I would pull on someone. Have to admit, it was funny. And, while I do some repairs around the house, including plumbing, I stay as far away from electricity as humanly possible. That shit scares the hell out of me.

I'm with you.  I can unclog almost anything, but I call a pro for an electrical problem.  Fortunately, the city I live in has discounted help for low-income seniors, or I would have been dead a long time ago.

Is it really accurate to say we evolved from atoms? Whatever, my epitaph shall read "six feet of graveyard is big enough for anyone".


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