Hello Everyone, names Thomas, I’m currently 28, and currently enlisted in the US Air Force as a AFN (American Forces Network) Broadcaster out of Germany. With little college education, most of what I know I've learned through my life's experiences as I’ve traveled across the globe (lived in over 20 different homes to this date) and the few friends I’ve made along the way. I’ve always made it a precedence of mine to envelop myself with people with an endeavor for brilliance, hoping it will rub off on me.

I’ve always loved to converse on the taboos of the world, the more controversial the topic the more engaged I get. The “devil’s advocate” would undeniably be one of the many words I would use to depict myself, arguing either side of any given topic just to expand into all perspectives. Regrettably, my spelling is atrocious but thankfully my grasp of an extensive vocabulary isn’t (hurray for spell check). Philosophy, religion, and psychology being my favorite topics, I try not to affront others as best I can, unfortunately not always successfully. Feel free to ask me anything, I’ve always felt nothing should be left off the table, with the exception being ignorance. (below is my basic tale of my atheism)

My Atheism has always been unambiguous to me growing up thanks mostly to my father for allowing me to explore the subject on my own. My grandparents, being hellfire religious folks, had my father constantly under the thumb of religion, something my dad (for his own reasons) did not repeat for my siblings and I. I’ve been to church a few times as a child at my own request (went with friends to see what the big deal is for waking up early on Sunday), and I quickly became confused. I saw it as an equivalent of believing in wizards, dragons, curses, and all in all hocus-pocus aka not real. Flabbergasted that adults went along with it as truth and followed it (what I thought as the time) to the letter. Of course I gave up on trying to understand it, thankfully with friends who never brought it up. For the most part, I had no real interaction with religion till I joined the military, and wow! To say it was an eye opener is beyond an understatement. It was at this point, I started really investigated, researching, and trying to understand the meaning behind this entity called modern religion. Here I am 8 years later, finding myself irritated with the worlds standing on religion, favoring myth over reality.

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Nice to meet you ThomasS - hope you enjoy the site.

Welcome, ThomasS.  You sound as if you belong here.  I'm glad your father figured it out, saving you the trouble of being persecuted as he was.  I can tell already that you'll feel free to pitch in whenever you have an idea to express, and I imagine that'll be frequently.  Good to have you among us.

Thanks for the warm welcomes, I look forward to interacting with like minded individuals.


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