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I have been a devout atheist since the age of 4 when I realized stories I was hearing in Sunday School were just more believed than those I heard in fairy tales. I have struggled with my non-belief most of my life, trying to find where I fit into the world. Now I am finding myself isolated by illness and aging and the only companionship offered to me is from churches.I can't sell my soul for company.


I think religion is the most divisive activity known to man. I see myself connected to the world by things like life, breath, light and struggle. A few years ago I read a study from the US that said 98% of study respondents feared atheists more than "muslim terriorists". I realized, at that point, that we are not only far on the fringes, but also endangered. As Canada edges more towards theocracy, I seek community.


I am not much of a debater as I think that it is a waste of time to debate with people who believe in invisible protectors or punishers. I would just like it if I could have discussions with men and women who don't try to convert or shun me.



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I am surprised that 51% weren't opposed. I find religion to be a tragedy for humanity.


   I like what you said about debating being a waste of time.  I find that the religion side becomes instantly defensive and starts spouting like an angry child on a playgound.  Religion seems to createsome sort of hard-wiring in the brain.  Very skilled must be the "electrician" to un-wire it.  Very many of us here are just like you, in that we never really did believe reguardless of what indoctrination we endured.

   Welcome.  You're among friends now.


Thanks Rick. I think constantly debating things that can't be proved is futile at best and ends us fuelling fires that might go out if we refuse to engage. I respect those, however, who keep trying. I just don't think its a good use of time to try to disprove something that doesn't exist.

We obviosly see much alike on this.  To use your metaphor, let's lessen the fire by not fueling it.  I could go on and on about attempting to prove a negative, but that may be a good topic for another post.


   Good talking to you,


I don't honestly think most religious people don't even know what atheism really is. I work in a very strange office where religion and politics come up on occasion in debate on slow nights. And I am an out atheist at work Some of the nonbelievers do not wish to come out in the military but still need someone in their corner and I am that person. So I have gotten that awkward silence when a new person finds out which I use to explain what atheism really is and then ask them what they thought, it's normally a nice question and answer session where I have to inform them that yes I am happy, and no I don't worship Satan; yes some of them think that, even the well  meaning ones. But I have been granted an insight into why this is by reading Cristian self help books, they are like a doorway into the religious mind, which is a mind I don't quite understand. I was raised in a freethinking home, we knew that Santa wasn't real and had to think for ourselves or dad would get us kids to believe something silly (as a joke) like lightning comes FROM lightning rods. We did not own a Bible and lived in a secular area and went to secular public schools. It all boils down to me having no idea how religious people can believe in such utter nonsense.




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