Hi all, I am an atheist from Ontario, Canada and have been an atheist for many years now. When I was young  I liked to debate god with everyone I could. After many years of that and hearing the same argument over and over I gave up. I now do it only if someone comes to me pushing their beliefs on me, then I debate with them. I call myself a tolerant atheist now. I go to church with my wife almost every Sunday. I know, some call this a cop-out. I do it because my wife asked me if I would go with her to church. I told her ,as long as you do not expect me to believe I would go. If I can not give her 1  hour a week, then I must not love her much. We do not talk about religion at all. She believes what she want and I do too. I hope to meet lots of people on here. 

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Welcome to nexus. You sound like a good and caring man. We need more like you.




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