My loss of religion started with my distaste of Christianity in the GOP


One of the things I have often reflected on about my own sort of "journey" to atheism, was that it was accelerated and/or initiated in part because of the disgusting and hateful rhetoric I kept hearing from scared conservatives paired with christian ideology. It made me dirty to think of any political party I identified with using and manipulating the voting public with religious fears and beliefs. It was antithetical to what I saw as a duty one has a citizen in their country.

Ultimately I've moved to the left of the political spectrum and I guess I am a liberal progressive democrat in addition to being an atheist

Anyone else?

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Hola, Andrew, and welcome to AN.

With a Demo dad and a Repub mom, I floated. A migrant computer type, I registered with the party that won in November so I could vote in its primaries. In 1957 I quit Catholicism and In 1974 ran in the Arizona Republican legislative primary, hoping to unseat the incumbent. Alas, he won.

A few years later, when then-President Reagan invited the evangelicals to join the Party, I resolved to not vote Republican again until they left.

The rhetoric soon became awful and it still is. It frightens liberals so I too am a progressive.

Many years ago I was a card carrying member of the RNC. It is a long story but I can say "never again." The GOP could get rid of religion entirely and I would never go back.

Today you could say my political beliefs are along the lines of a progressive liberal. In fact, I would not complain much if I was called a Democratic Socialist. Trumpworld scares everyone with ideas of 1940's socialism. This is certainly not what I am talking about. Neither is Bernie or AOC.




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