Hi everyone,

Not to sound too conceited or anything, but my problem isn't necessarily finding dates/men.. but actually finding men who are not scared of my intelligence! Just being an atheist means you are dramatically more intelligent than the average joe. I would argue that this is mostly  because of all the careful study and research a lot of us do to finally come to that conclusion. Also, being an atheist means that you have the intellectual capacity to realize that the universe wasn't made for just you. Wow! That seems to take an extreme amount of reason...

I am 23, but I still feel the overwhelming pressures of sexism ... to let the man wear the pants. I was in a great relationship from 19-21 where it was completely egalitarian and respecting. However, the ones since then, and it seems those types that I am attracted to, are very intimidated by me being an intelligent/educated woman. It's the whole, "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen" mentality it seems. I don't see gender roles as evil, but I do see it as evil when men basically want you to be their slave..... :(. ugh. 

Anyways, I've finally come to the conclusion that I need to meet people who are more on my wave length. Fellow humanists/atheists it would appear. My last relationship was a quick one, with an ex-jehovah's witness! Oh man, the mental scarring that man faced was just downright sad. Anyway, that didn't work out mainly because of how nutty that JW cult is! Since that, I have realized I must not settle for a "glazed eyed" drug addict. And by the word drug I mean religion. However, a lot of the atheist men I do meet bore me to death or are extremely socially awkward. Why is that? 

Anyway, does anyone face the same problem as me?

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I agree with you, although i have never been with a atheist women, i would love to find one. I feel as if maybe when we meet someone like ourself, we need to exclude the whole philosophical aspect of things, we search for the truth on a independent level in my opinion. t's fine to include your mate but life isn't all about that. And as others pointed out, i have met a lot of females who claim their Christians but not really religious who i date most of the time, but the ultimate question always come up and that's how to raise the child, religious or to find their own way, they (females i date past a year period) always say they will not adhere to any morals if raised a atheist, so i see no point in wasting their time as my own.
That's the biggest problem I see, too. It's easier to be all live-and-let-live when there are no children involved. If the two of you want kids, it's going to get sticky.
Yes, I have similar issues... finding someone who is compatible mentally AND who can handle being with someone nonreligious is very difficult. Unfortunately being unusual (in pretty much any way) means being difficult to match.
an intelligent young lady - stay with your views and don't compromize!!
Well, sadly I find myself too old for you. (35) but I feel you. I live in north Louisiana. The only state to go UP in religious belief... its dishartening.
Umm, actually, I'm 35, and my girlfriend is 23.  :-D  And Anna is probably 24 by now.  This thread was started nearly a year ago.
Hey, I used to teach at the university in Natchitoches.  It's a different world . . . .
Shit... id date you!
Yeah, nothing wrong with robbing the cradle, as long as everyone's legal and it's not an emotionally dominating relationship.
What are you all complaining about.  I'm 63.  Anybody have a cutie-pie, atheist  Grandma in Southern California?  I have a car and can drive at night.  :))
Yeah, I run into the same problem with dating a seriously Christian girl ... never mind a Catholic.  After any discussion about morality for which she referenced the Bible, I'd be laughing.  Could I really respect her as much as someone who completely disagreed with me but had thought through the problem on her own?  No, probably not really.
I feel the same way as well. It's impossible in my area to find another atheist woman or at least someone agnostic with intelligence.




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