My message is that Jesus did not exist but was a 4th century literary fabrication



I have had an interesting career (see below) and presently find myself

researching the field of ancient history with a view to present a

revisionist history of the 4th century of our "common era".


My position can be most appropriately summarised by quoting the

opening lines from the three books which Emperor Julian authored

c.361 CE "Against the Christians".

It is, I think, expedient to set forth to all mankind

the reasons by which I was convinced that

the fabrication of the Christians

is a fiction of men composed by wickedness.

  • Though it has in it nothing divine,

    by making full use of that part of the soul

    which loves fable and is childish and foolish,

    it has induced men to believe

    that the monstrous tale is truth.

I have researched this material now for over five years

and am happy to attempt the answer of any questions

any skeptical people may ask here, or elsewhere, on this




My message that Jesus did not exist but was a 4th century

literary invention may at first sound impossible and counter-

intuitive, however if people are interested and willing to ask

critical and skeptical questions about the reasons why I

believe that the historical truth is best explained in this manner,

then I will be happy to do my best to answer these questions.






Finally, I wish to state that I feel that I am acting and researching

this material out of a desire to establish the ancient historical truth

of "christian origins" -- what really happened in the 4th century?


Best wishes to one and all.




Kookaburra Jack




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So where does Dan Brown come in? And I don't think Tom Hanks would really cut it as Constantine. But what do I know?
Dan Brown made his money exposing the satire in the Gospel of Mary in which the author presents Peter as being really peeved that Mary received special knowledge (from Our Man) that the rest of the male apostles did not. Dan Brown makes the point of pointing out that this is what the actual text of the Gospel of Mary actually states.

My thesis is that Dan Brown has exposed just the tip of the iceburg, and that if we are to examine each of the "Gnostic Gospels and Acts, etc" in turn -- one by one -- then this same tell-tale signature of anti-Christian Greek academic satire pervades and characterises all these new testament apocryphal texts that have been turning up in archaeological and manuscript discoveries over the last few centuries from the fround of the 4th century.

For a summary of over 20 "Gnostic Gospels and Acts" exposing this signature of satire directed against the orthodox canonical books of the new testament see this page.

The key to seeing the satire is understanding how Monty Python satirises the new testament story in "The Life of Brian". In the 4th century when it was implemented as the state religion it was serious and imperial business, and it was ridiculed by the Alexandrian Greeks. This negative reception of the state Christian religion was eliminated from history by the orthodox tax-exempt imperially sponsored Christian "Ecclesiastical historians" because it did not reflect well on the christian state religion. The epoch is characterised by the destruction of books, the persecution of non christians, the destruction of the non christian temples and religions. See the above summary by Vlassis Rassias.

Read the book "Awaken the world within" by Hilton Hotema.

For what purpose?

"Hilton Hotema authored numerous books on dietetics, fasting, fruitarianism, breatharianism, vitality, cellular regeneration, longevity, higher consciousness, spirituality, alternative medicine and ancient wisdom"


My woo-woo meter has broken again, it went off the scale for a minute, and now it doesn't seem to go back to it's normal position, I wonder why....

I have no proof but I believe the story of Jesus to be fiction, a Greek tragedy.

Well.. what can on say  after viewing a CV LIKE THAT...shall we pray ha ha ha

Not many do anymore as there is no evidence he ever lived outside the Bible but I digress  the OP is doing a good job.

Jesus of Nazareth was a Jewish hot dog seller made good.

You may be right.  There is some evidence to suggest it.  But as much as I believe that the text has been intentionally created to tell a story that makes its hero out to be a liar and deceiver, I believe that someone enlightened was walking around in that time frame.  He was clearly not Jewish and he obviously didn't believe in the God of the Jews.  Perhaps that's why Paul hated Jesus' teachings so much that he established an entire church to defame him while worshiping him.  His message is so anti-human-authority and anti-money that it is no wonder that Constantine wanted him erased from public memory.

He was clearly not Jewish and he obviously didn't believe in the God of the Jews.

Since that is precisely what most secular scholars have concluded based on decades of research into the area, why is it so "clear" to you that the opposite is true?

The basic philosophy is opposite of Jewish - especially Pharisee Judaism that has evolved into core Judaic philosophy today.  Jesus didn't refer to God as his father.  He referred to his abba that lived within it and was one-with it, as I do.  He said that the kingdom of heaven is within, and that his abba's mansion has many rooms.  He is speaking of universal consciousness and a multidimensional world.  If Jesus died on the cross, as the texts state, then Jesus was a liar.

Having tested his assertion that I could do all that I want because the abba exists, and have discovered that I really can make things appear in my reality, and I don't need to believe that Jesus is the only son of god who allowed himself to be tortured to death so that I can go to heaven.  He never called himself the only son of God.  He was referring to the abba in John 3:16.

Those who use modern texts rather than ancient ARamaic and ancient Koine Greek to translate previously rewritten (rather than translated) texts are doing the world no service. 




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