My mom is a very nice woman. She's had some really tough experiences in her life, one being the death of my dad when I was a month old.

Because of the things that have happened to her in her life, she believes she is very wise and tells me that when I get to be her age, I will believe in god because of the same sort of life experiences.

She's definitely not a crazy conservative christian. She sort of picks and choses what she believes in, like about psychics such as Sylvia Browne and John Edward. Truth be told, I believed all that stuff until I actually thought about it and did research.

Sometimes we get in arguments, like today she brought me a numerology reading. She told me it described me to a T. It sort of described me, but mostly it was just bullcrap.

When we discussed it, she mainly focused on the negative parts of the reading saying that they were acurate. I think she was using the numerology reading to discuss my flaws instead of to prove how it wasn't fake.

I told her about a study where people were given a personality test, and then they were all given the results. They all said that it described them well, and they were actually all given the same personality test.

She didn't really understand the point of this, and I'm not exactly sure how to discuss my beliefs with her because I'm not very good at putting my thoughts into words. She also won't listen to me because she thinks I'm a closed minded negative person, which is untrue.

Is there any way I could communicate with her?

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I agree. Start on common ground. Often, you don't even have to compromise your views. At worst, you simply have to start with having some sympathy for your younger self before YOU knew better. Be curious, interested in the process, and actually listen. Especially in the case of person to person dialog between people who care about each other, this method can really work.

Also, before you open your mouth, go off somewhere and examine the pathology of your own deconversion. Really think about how you got here from there. It is a common problem most recognized when a skilled person is attempting to train an unskilled person. Once you know something, it's easy to forget that you had to learn it at some point. Its difficult to break it down into all the steps necessary for success. It is even harder to transmit the process to someone who may have a different style of learning than you do.
If numerology has any prediction capabilities it should be a snap to get winning lottery numbers, since they are directly numbers with which numerology has an affinity. Go get 'em!




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