The other day we were talking about the bible which we can't agree with.She is Christian and has always try'd to tell me what to believe and I am a strong Atheist and have been for 3 years and the year before that I was Agnostic.I said I can't understand half the words in it and the part I do understand I disagree with.She doesn't know I'm Atheist.i already have a bible now she is getting me a easy to read bible.In hopes for me being Christian.Hahaha like that will help.i'm trying to come out now that I'm Atheist and i think she kind of knows and is trying to stop me.

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Sooner or later you'll have to tell her that Satan has your soul and you're headed for hell!!
Just mention that the cookies you got in return were worth it. XD
I had a fairly painful conversation with my mother yesterday. She tells me I have "hardened my heart" to accepting god and there is no more room for discussion. I suggest putting off telling her that you are "atheist" for as long as you possibly can. There is no good to be had from it. The longer you can have these discussions with her, without the emphatic statements of certainty, the better for both of you and your relationship.
I have to thoroughly disagree with you. Putting off coming out of the closet isn't a good thing. The sooner you tell her, the sooner you can be honest with her. Living a lie isn't fun, it isn't rewarding, and it's probably detrimental to your health in a psychological way. Granted, it's not all good, she will probably try to convert him, but it's better to be honest than lie all the time.
I'm not sure how young faith is, but sometimes when you're living with someone who is total control of your physical life its understandable to wait to tell them. I understand your perspective and it completely makes sense, but when someone with a strong religious belief learns that their child hasn't followed suit their child can go through hell. They will try to make them go to church more, they will begin to pray at each meal, they will quote the bible out the ass, they will start to eye which friends have a bad religious influence on their kid. It's just hard to say. I hope that Faith's mom wouldn't be so harsh, but it certainly isn't unheard of. I'm not trying to discourage Faith from doing what may be best, but there are many things to consider.
Once you see the truth and evidence of science, it is virtually impossible to go back unless you have a brain injury.

You actually came to the conclusion pretty early but with the internet and all the information and Youtube stuff on the subject, I guess it is easier to experience today. In my day (1970s) that stuff didn't exist. I became an atheist around grade 11-12 thanks to my Biology teacher in high school.

Can you tell us how you came to become one of us?
My mother wanted me to get baptised when I was 9.I was thinking since "God" made us we should have been purfect."God should have known what "Adam and Eve" were going to do.At 9 I became Agnostic.Then at 10 I began looking at all sides of the view point and decided I was Atheist.
Was science in there? Or was it the problems with the bible? has great information about the science of evolution along with his God Delusion and The Greatest Show on Earth books. His videos are great too - Growing up in the Universe is good for young minds.
I became Atheist because of the "Bible".After I became Atheist I started learning about science.When I became Atheist I didn't have my own I learn alot about science from tv and internet.
I'm reminded of a quote that says that the fastest way to becoming an atheist is to actually read the bible.
Yes it is the number one cause of Atheism.
Keep your mind free but keep it to your self where it will serve no useful purpose. Later you can be open as you wish but you probably still need your parents and living in strife with them isn't good for you or them.




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