my mother said that tsunami in japan was cause of atheism...

while my mother was talking to my uncle. she said that tsunami was cause by atheism and the god in japan is buddha. after that conversation. later i confronted my mother about what she said. she said she forgot i was there and she just a person that sometimes forget the info i told her that japanese dont worship buddha.

i know she loves me but sometimes i feel alone because i dont know any agnostic or atheist in real life that can understand me :(



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What is the question exactly?
It's so sad, after disasters people have to tell someone it was their fault.
Ah I see. Steve pretty much said what I was thinking. At least we have websites like this one where we can be sure the people DO understand us, though there's little we can do for the sting of having someone you care about say something like that. I just smile and nod when my family does it, and then change the topic as quickly as possible.
Don't be afraid to speak up and be honest. You might be surprised how many people out there think similar to you but aren't ready to show it.




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