My motives for writing about religion occur because I see all the harm caused by self-righteousness and proselytizing religious people. Many seem to be unaware of the rackets in which they participate. Some religious have an utter lack of humility and do not even show a little bit of embarrassment when they do not know the background of religious dogma. 

Religious invasion into education, health care, politics, and society harms people in tangible ways. The hate spews out of religious about rules that they hang onto from the days of centuries ago. How dare they impose their rules on me and others. 

I abhor the laziness and lack of curiosity they hold for scholarship. They don’t even seem to know that Moses never existed. He arose out of thousands of years of mythology before his name ever become attached to his story. The tales told of the man did not happen, and the evidence against his exaggerated storyline boggles my imagination. 

I am amazed that a person would believe something without verifiable evidence and who finds comfort in the mythologies that have so many holes in them.

If there were a god or a higher power, that energy would be preparing people to live in peace and harmony, not slaughtering the neighbors who occupy land they want. Reading apologetics about the viciousness of God baffles me. The instructions on how to live are exactly the wrong ones to give a growing populations. If we can’t live together in peace now, how will we behave when the population soars above 10,000,000,000? We have to learn how to cooperate to make life better, not shoot people that someone thinks deserves to be wiped out. God teaches a genocide, not community. The teachings of Jesus reflect a hatred of parents, family, and abandonment of responsibilities. God instructs to use violence to gain compliance from wives and children. What kind of a god is that?

If religion were a private matter, perhaps we could get disentangled from all the wars, killings, torture and imprisonment of people. If we opened facilities for the mentally ill, disabled and those wounded by the damnable wars, perhaps we could put some money into things that have value … like people. 

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Daniel, you wise one! You get me down off my high horse in such exceptionally healthy ways. I just get mad and getting madder. 

I am rewriting that piece for submission to another site and I can see that your perspective offers far more persuasive words than my declaration. 

There is something about writing and sharing ideas that increase the strengths of concepts. Maybe we will make some headway by learning from each other. 

I am proud of my anger because it was the fuel that freed me. Anger at this stage of my development can be counterproductive for me.

I appreciate you.

This blog from Patheos touched me yesterday.

Why don't you move on?

It's just one view, from a former christian leader. Some of his reasons are the same as yours and mine. 

I believe there is a "truth". I do not believe we have individual truths. Perspectives and recollections maybe, but not truths. Searching for the truth can only be a good thing for us individually and collectively. Promoting myths as the truth help us the same as a boat anchor for a sinking ship.


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