Here I am, the crazy atheist, showing off my new Nexus t-shirt.

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Those are my pj's. I COULD do another one in my shorts if you'd like!!
That picture is awesome! I love it!

You just might be the new face of Atheist Nexus. I am going to post it on my blog tomorrow, and make it a featured picture on Nexus right now.
Be sure and credit the photographer!!
Who was the photographer?
It was ME!! I set my camera up on a tripod and used the self-timer.
No deal, its the pj's or the shorts! No other offerings are being made!
Yes, the whole outfit must stay. Some Christians say they are crazy for Jesus. Why not be crazy for Nexus?
True what?
Walter! Looks like you and I go to the same hairdresser.

Love the jammies! What's the print?
It's M@M's candy!


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