my new White House petition regarding the admission of atheists to the Boy Scouts

On Wednesday, I started a petition on the White House petitions website, We the People, regarding the admission of atheist children to the Boy Scouts.  Would you please consider signing, sharing and promoting it?  As of now, 66 people have signed, but I unless I can gather 150 signatures, it will never be made visible to the public.  Had I children, I would not encourage them to spend their free time with the children of Christians; nevertheless, I find it unacceptable that a quasi-public/patriotic organization, which receives substantial support at all levels of government, should teach impressionable children to view other children as somehow deviant or unacceptable, based upon their inadmissibility for membership.  In our times, the civil and human rights of many atheists are abused by law enforcement officials and judges, as was the case with Mitch Kahle, when he was assaulted by sheriff's deputies, and as is the case with many atheist parents and spouses who are denied visitation rights by Christian judges, who consider them unfit parents, based upon nothing more or less than their beliefs concerning religion.  There is only so much we can do about the current political climate, but there is much we can do about the future.

The petition links are and

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Signed and shared.


Signed gladly.

Signed and shared.

Well written! I gladly signed. It still needs some 99,000 signatures for the White House to respond.


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