I have always wondered who is correct in the worlds religious strugles, the Sunnis or Shiites, Christians or buddhists and so on. But after pondering this for a great deal of time I have came up with another question. If one of these groups proves their beliefs are correct will the other groups even believe them? Are they to blind to even recognize a correct answer or do they choose to not believe it? This is one of the many reasons I've chosen to be an atheist. I just can't stand the violence and destruction that a belief can bring, and on top of that no one can even provide physical proof of their god to make atleast some sort of acceptable arguement. Instead they rely on thousands of years old written reports for proof which is absolutely idiodic, you wouldn't use an ancient medical technique over a modern one, or last years news paper for this years news. Another thing is the absolute pure stupidity that comes from some religious followers at times, praying for your daughter to get well is not a damn cure! Take her to the doctors for medical treatment and save your tribal chanting for another time or better yet just don't do it at all. Also, instead of praying for something, why don't you get out and do it? I could sit and pray for food but I could bet my life that it won't magically apear on my plate unless I get up and get it. Now let's move on to your god, diety, or whatever you have. Have you ever even seen him or her? Probably not unless you have some sort of mental illness that makes you see things. Moving on to your kind and loving god that lets thousands die everyday of easily preventable diseases or just a simple lack of food and water. What kind of kind and loving god would let millions die in concentration camps? Well there's several answers to this question. #1 he hates Jews, #2 he's already arranged for them to die because it's part of his "plan" and there's no way in hell that he's going to fuck up his golf schedual to deal with it. #3 he's not real. I'm thinking number 3 because golf is a terrible game and what god would wanna play it. Well I think this ends my first explanation of why I'm a non-believer, I hope I've offended some people so they can snap out of their trance and see some truth in all this. 

Sicerely, Matt Clark

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