My parents are very pious and devout Christians.  They refuse to listen to logic and reason.


What should be done to change their mind?  What can I say to convience them that I am not possessed by a demon?

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As often as I've heard similar stories around here and elsewhere, Tyler, your situation remains a tough nut to crack. About all I can suggest is the following:

  • Be who you are - don't let yourself be intimidated by your immediate environment.
  • Let your actions speak for themselves. If you're not acting like a demon, if you are considerate and engaged with your parents and others and fail to act as they expect a "demon" to act, eventually, they may have to acknowledge that ... well ... maybe you're NOT a demon!

It won't be easy, but I strongly believe it will be worth it. Best of luck.

It isn't my behavior.  I couldn't be a better child, really.  I maintain a 4.0 grade average, I don't roll around on the floor and scream, I don't foam at the mouth, I do occasionaly twitch (just to be smiteful), but nothing that I would consider to be demonic.


It really just goes back to their belief system.  They feel that because I am a homosexual, not to mention being an atheist, that I have an "evil spirit" inside of me. 

They say they won't "help me be evil" by just accepting my rationality.  They say that they love me, and that is why they are not wanting me to get hurt by "getting into something I know nothing about"..

"Getting into something [you] know nothing about," eh?

Sometime when you're feeling a bit confrontational, you might call them on it. "So I know nothing about atheism? What do you think you know that I don't?" Yeah, you want to bone up a bit, but you're no dummy, and likely they'd try to lay the same tired old cliches we've all heard before about atheism.

Yes, I know, that's not the best way to deal with the subject or with your parents. At the same time, though, it may be time for them to learn that you have a mind of your own ... and that it and you are due a bit more respect than you've gotten to date.

Have you tried screaming in a made up language, maybe spinning your head around and vomiting?

That's actually a thought I've pondered on.


Maybe screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night.  Banging on their door....LOL.

There's always Conversational Klingon! [grin]

ROFL, thanks.


I'll look into it.

Tell them you heard of a good exorcist in Hawaii and can they please send you there for a month to check it out... :)

Good grades and some volunteer work are sure to ease their minds somewhat.

And you may have to just lay low until you move out....




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