Since reading Global Warming's Terrifying New Math and a few articles such as Earth facing imminent environmental ‘tipping point’ says report, where scientists plainly state "all ecosystems are nearing sudden and irreversible change that will not be conducive to human life" I've gone through my own personal tipping point. For years I've been among the "alarmed by climate change" population segment. However, now that the gloves are off, I can no longer compartmentalize.

Every topic and image make a connection to the overwhelming Ecological/Moral crisis into which we've begun to wade. I see a zombie image, and join Dark Atheists to post my fantasy of a Zombie Apocalypse political action against the Corporate Executives of Climate Change. I see an article on Teen gratitude and feel compelled to post about psychologists being out of touch with climate realities teens face. More and more, when I welcome new members, it makes sense to invite them to Eco-Logical, even if they've expressed no green values in their About Me.

In short, something has shifted inside of me, realigned.

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ROFL What an interesting link. Somebody at the CDC went overboard in trying to reach out a new demographic, people who take the idea of Zombie Apocalypse serious. It's barely tongue-in-cheek. Well it had to happen sooner or later in a culture where fantasy is taken so seriously. It is a bit surreal, though. Creative, but way out there.

This reminds me of when somebody official decided that exercise should be included in the official food pyramid. Can't find that old reference now.

One thing you can do is to go vegan.  People's diets result in much more CO2 than they need to.  There have been some studies, for example see the paper "Diet, Energy and Global Warming" by Eshel and Martin, full text is available online.

If you want to keep on eating animal products, small animals like chickens and rabbits are better for global warming than big ones like cows and sheep.  It's more efficient raising them.

Also, not driving - or flying - much helps.  I get around on my bike, I haven't owned a car since 1999, and I like it, it helps me stay somewhat in shape.

I personally can't go vegan because I'm on a low carb diet for diabetes. I do mostly eat fish and poultry, rarely red meat.

If climate change gets as bad as it looks to be, our grandchildren will be happy to get insect and jellyfish protein.

Flying is terrible for the climate. I haven't done it in 15 years. Good for you on losing the car!

A few years ago I read about some research that showed that people who were insulin-resistant lost weight easier on a low-carb diet, but people who were insulin-sensitive lost weight easier on a low-fat diet.  So what they suggested was that insulin-resistant people lose weight, which improves their insulin sensitivity, then switch to a lowfat diet. 

Something to consider if you have the excess weight/insulin resistance kind of diabetes.  For a lot of people their diabetes would go away if they lost the extra weight. 

There's a National Weight Control Registry - losing a lot of weight and keeping it off for years is rare enough that researchers want to know how people do it!  They found that people originally lost the weight in a whole variety of ways, but they kept it off with exercise and a low-fat diet. 

Low-carb diets are actually a very controversial way to deal with diabetes.  A lot of doctors would advise against them, since people get a lot of saturated fat with a low-carb diet, and saturated fat causes insulin resistance and may cause heart disease.  In other words, the low-carb diet might be long-term making your diabetes worse.  There was a study where a plant-based ketogenic diet didn't make diabetes worse, though.  Plant fats are generally not as bad as animal fats. 

I'm sure one could devise a vegan low-carb diet.  Soy protein, nuts, nonstarchy vegetables, etc.  Probably healthier long-term. 

There’s a lot online about reversing diabetes with lowfat vegan diets, actually.  Dr. Neal Barnard for example has published research about it, and he wrote a book “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes”. 

I eat a lowfat vegan diet, I like it because I like being kind of thin, light on my feet. And it's healthy long-term.  Also I like eating a lot.  It’s very bulky.  Most of my meals fill most of a 2.5 qt bowl. I get plenty of protein from quinoa, amaranth and vegetables.  Vegetables have a lot of protein.  I can't eat legumes because of allergies, they're a vegan source of protein. 

Of course with a vegan diet one does have to take care to get enough of the nutrients that are more available in animal foods.  The has a lot of good info about staying healthy as a vegan. 



Please consider moving this new topic about weight control/ insulin sensitivity/ vegan diet to Health & Fitness. A new discussion there would probably be of interest to others. You could just copy and paste your reply above. I'd like to respond, but it's getting off topic here. Thanks.




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