Well, we see in Egypt the election of the Muslim Brotherhood. Such a name should spell doom and trauma for all Egyptian women who are intelligent enough not to be hostile to their best interests, but alas, the sort of women raised to believe you should marry a man who rapes you for the sake of your father's name faithfully cast their ballots. This obscene madness shouldn't have came as a surprise to me but it did. I thought Egypt, the apex of the Arab world, and among the best educated and most pluralistic societies in the Arab world would have elected people not quite this batshit insane, but once again I find myself underestimating the power of stupid people. I should have known something was up when a Salafi man was made in charge of girls' education, and I should have known something would be up when I saw clerics go on to say that it is a violation of God's law, and unislamic, to vote for such parties that respect religious freedom, and more importantly freedom from religion.

I do not even know where to begin in how obscene I find this and disgusted I am, even as I write I am shaking. We do not know if they are going to take the Islamic Republic style of Iran, in which tens of thousands of men and women were brutally murdered, making sure of course to have the women raped so they didn't die virgins(and get a free passage to paradise). It gets even better, the "husband" aka, the man who raped her the night before she died, was required to bring her parents candies, introduce himself as her husband, and tell them she's dead. Well God is very mysterious now, isn't he.  However, back to Egypt.


The new president, who takes his position in divine providence and assistance from the Creator of the universe to whom he is a faithful slave(you know this is going to be good) has opted to pass laws that are based in the scripture. Rather then focus on the health issues, poor schooling, and crumbling infrastructure, is taking it upon himself to deal with the serious societal issue of too many women in bikinis and too many uncovered heads. I question his ability to prioritize.


This obscene madness is made possible by scripture, the book known as the quran. Let's say that Muhammed(pbuh) is the prophet, and that the Archangel Gabrielle appeared to him. He did not write it, the quran(recital) was an oral tradition for a rather long time.  Play Chinese telephone, see how quickly it changes. A few guys decided to codify it, people whose recitals were disliked got beheaded, more codification. I think there is a war and some guy named Ali claiming to be the wali(Ali the Wali.. has a nice ring) gets killed. There's another war after that war, and then you have the quran allegedly finished. It is arranged in a series of chapters, ordered not chronologically, but by size. Even in the chapters, the sentences are not chronological. Now this wouldn't be so bad if it was concise and clear directions from the Archangel, but it is frequently contradictory. This was resolved by a verse(I dont remember which one) that instructs to follow the newer verse. Now we get to the doozy, as the book is not chronological in any way, there is no agreement in the Muslim world what the newer verses are. There is a few general consensus, usually chosen by the victor of that specific war in history, but even then dissent is common in the scholars. Add the massive collection of hadiths, in which nobody knows for sure which verse is newer, and the followers of hadith science(who never agree) going through determining which ones are real, and you have a real mess. The quran(recitation) was, actually, altered, early qurans did not have vowels for starters. Most of these qurans that deviated to the later standard were burned, but a few survived to be in museums today(mostly in Cairo). It remains to be seen if the new government in Egypt will have these burned to cleanse their filthy presence. My point is the modern quran held to us today, with pseudo-classical Arabic, is not anywhere close to the original recitations. Though if you could reason with religious people there wouldn't be religious people, so I wouldn't bother bringing this up in public if you value your head.


You might think why would I go off into the history of Islam, well, I was angry and needed to get it out. The thing is, the modern quran today, and the order considered by most Sunnis to be the correct one is not the unquestioned and unaltered recitation of the prophet, but rather the product of tinkering after the fact. Which is a big deal, as that is the "moral" foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Now, I dont have a problem with relgious people, I have muslim, jewish, and christian friends, but my muslim and christian friends respect and value freedom of thought and the freedom to live their lives on their own terms. Even if they disapprove of those terms.  They are going to scare away the rest of the tourists(as they did in Persia) and probably devastate the intellectuals. (Lots of well educated Persians abroad that will never return home). I know a couple Egyptians personally who are likely to become exiles over this. Well, god is great and very mysterious...

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You do know that he has practically no power, right.  Or did I miss the military council giving up all their power?   Besides,  most people were concerned with keeping Shafik out.

The military is still pretty much running the show in Egypt.  Fact is, they run a large portion of the country, and they will be a LOT harder to dislodge from power than Mubarak was.


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