I had been importing large files of ethics and myths from different religions. I do this to understand the base of every religion. I had always wanted to know what makes these people quarrell over each other's religions.

All these files were stored in my system through MAC mail. due to a spark, my MAC caught fire. I was literally stumped.  cause the my official mails and these research files constituted over a lot of 4 gb. I had taken few precautions a week prior to this incident, that helped saving my mails on a mirror system as well. mac is of no use to me now. totally corrupted. can't be repaired as well, but i managed to save my crucial mails.

here is the procedure i followed:


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I'm glad you took precautions, and got your data back!

There's plenty of good advice on the web about saving copies of your crucial data, with or without buying commercial backup tools.

Whatever kind of computer system you use, the "Ten Commandments" (off the top of my head) are relevant:

1. Make backups.

2. Make backups.

3. Test your backups; make sure your procedure gives you backups that actually work for restoring your data.

4. Keep a copy of important backups somewhere else, in case there's a fire or other disaster.

5. Keep your software updated, so you'll have the latest bug fixes and security fixes.

6. Make backups.

7. Use reliable antivirus/antimalware tools.

8. Only follow links in email from people you know and trust. (And even then, be sure it looks legitimate. Your friend's computer or email account might have been cracked.)

9. For web browsing, consider an ad blocker, and also a script blocker like NoScript. (Occasionally malicious ads make it onto reputable ad networks. And besides that extra security, the web will become a much calmer place.)

10. Make backups.

Thank you for your suggestions Cat. Will take care of these points. 

You can usually hook up to your dead hard drive and retrieve info directly into another. I have used this before and you can buy the transfer device at computer stores.

As for "being saved" I saw a TV add just last night that borders on the Pascal's Wager idea with no denominational backing. It declared outright that you have to believe Jesus was god's son and that god raised him from the dead. If you believe this in your heart you will be saved. End of ad.

I don't know the future but my mind asked immediately, saved from what?


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