My response to Trump

Sunday, November 27, 2016

  1. Treat every word as a statement of Trump’s values. Listen carefully to what he says. Recognize what is propaganda and what is true. Take his statements as true to his corrupt mindset. Assume what he says is what he means. 
  2. The issue is survival, not analysis. Listening to Trump’s threats, promises, accusations, blaming, criticizing, belittling, bullying, ultimatums, commitments, charges, claims, condemnations, attacks, disparaging demands, pledges, storms, declarations, and tirades, I recognize a sophomoric child in an adult body. His world comes from incoherent rage and vile visions of which I find wanting. What matters now is survival. 
  3. I have not heard such nonsense since the death of despotic rulers of the 1940s. Trump isn’t the kind of person I want to lead me and my country. I refuse to submit to his tyranny or yield to his demands. Trump is morally corrupt. He wants the U.S.A. to be as corrupt as he. I will have none of it. 

Our greatness is in our ability to respond to the needs of people, water, soils, air, and the environment.  Trump is emotionally incapable of maturity. He knows only power over, never power with. When Trump takes over the institutions of power, I stand with those who are most vulnerable, and I will not give up until I have reason to believe that the mourning period is over and I can stand, shoulder to shoulder with my fellow U.S. citizens and reclaim our Republic.

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As Maya Angelou said, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them, the first time."

Yes, Grinning Cat, I remember Maya's statement. How right she was.  

GC, those of us who never believed his lies have never doubted the many faces trump has shown us. The trump fans have seen his faces but hide behind 'that's not what he meant'. Or, worse than that, just don't care.

Hmm... have you listened to any of Scott Adam's(creator of Dilbert) analysis of Trump? I think he's spot on with alot of it, I realized quite early that Trump's angle was more marketing than truth, but Adams takes it a bit further. Here's a good interview with him by Joe Rogan(post election) if you have time to listen:

Here's another interview by Dave Rubin(pre-election)

I'd love to know your thoughts! I know it doesn't help get over what's happened, but it explained a lot for me. After his ridiculous tweet on Sunday, he still can't get over the election even though he won, I realized we should be focusing on Pence, he's going to be the actual president with Trump as the mascot. Mascots entertain and distract, we really have to demand the media dig deeper past his antics and be true journalists!

Very true, so much of what he says is deflection and people eat it up.

Between Drumpf's inconsistency of policy positions and his disavowal of statements made when confronted with them, we may have the most disingenuous president-elect in history.  The fact that this is obvious to anyone with a reasonable memory or access to a site like should make our strategy against him that much clearer: constant confrontation.

Drumpf's statements are all over YouTube and other venues and easily accessible.  These should be used as necessary until he is forced to concede their existence and his ongoing mendacity.  It's only one weapon and we will need others, but I feel as though it is an arrow that must be in our quiver.


If I can step out of my boundaries to ask you this....A woman of your background, a person of your wit and experience, who stood with giants of Civil Rights movements, and her own personal battles of cancers in her you feel the need to respond to a shallow child who throws temper tantrums over not getting his groping pleasure on other women, who gets pleasure on mocking wounded people, and thinks money = entitlement and ownership over a human being?

A think a woman of your caliber is at best bettering humanity for all of us, not berating a kid.

He's a kid who is about to get a LOT of power, Thomas, and whose behavior deserves a scolding if not a spanking.  Drumpf literally DOES NOT KNOW what he's gotten himself into, and that's been evident since his first meeting with Obama.  If it were me, I'd pull a Biden on him: take him out behind the gym and very gladly take him down a few pegs, but that's an opportunity I will never get.

In a post-factual world, I'm not certain I know what will wake someone like Drumpf up, other than repeatedly getting in his face, demonstrating the falsity of his assertions, reminding him of previous statements which he has since contradicted or disavowed, and doing so repeatedly Until They Sink In.  Dissension is the most necessary part of democracy right now, more so because we have the truth AND THEY DON'T.

We can't afford to do nothing.


In no way I am suggesting we do nothing. What I am saying is do not give him power by recognizing him. In the past discussions here, a topic on Drumpf is that he is a pathological lier and a sociopath. Sociopaths thrives on attention and scolding him amounts to nothing, HOWEVER, publicly scolding policies and teaching the stupidity of it is the best weapon. You'll retain self respect and hopefully teach the crowd the stupidity of the person who thought of it.

He is already taking some people, the ones with power, out in the back shed and subjecting them... he is doing with Mitt Romney and he did it with full public view he is putting them down to make them appear powerless over him.

I think is Trump is following the same path as Hitler did, that is, if his enemies wont join him, obliterate him/them.

BTW, I agree with you that he is a kid with a lot of power and that scares the shit out of me.


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