My sister is in the process of un-converting from Christianity. Last time I checked, she is at the point where she doesn't know what to believe, but thinks that Xianity doesn't make sense. What should I do to help nudge her over the edge into the light of atheism?

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She will probably come to it naturally.
What 'nudged' you?
I was never a Christian as far back as I can remember. My parents say I was just argumentative as a child.
Ask her to read one of many recent books on atheism. It would help her to decide where she fits.
"Nudge" is the right word, don't push. People like to come to conclusions on their own. I suppose you can just provide yourself as an example of an atheist who is "normal," well-adjusted, not missing anything in life because of lack of religion, etc.
For what reason? I would recommend staying out of it entirely, unless she asks you, and let her explore her spirituality herself, and love her no matter what religion she may end up with.
Totally agree with this.
I don't think it is your job to nudge her. If your sister is intelligent, courageous and truly interested in objective truth (or as close as we can get), she will be an atheist. If she lacks intelligence and/or is ruled by fear and the need to be accepted... she'll be a Christian.
Ask her what questions she has and listen.

If she asks your opinions give them but give her the space to work through it herself with a supportive and understanding shoulder from you.

That I suspect will do more for her self-esteem as one who is doubting than an open campaign of persuasion.
Getting into coercive persuasion is exactly what religious zealots engage in; or have we learned nothing of Jehovah's Witnesses, Morons errr ... Mormons, and Islam.

Give her avenues to information that will edify her cerebral state(s), and it is highly likely, she will come to a proper conclusion of her own volition. Become coercive or antagonistic, and you may put her on the defensive.




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