I grew up in Calgary, AB. Yup, its defiantly a bible belt city. I somehow got lucky though. Religion was simply never an issue at all in my house. Christmas was always about family and Santa, in fact I still get the odd gift from "Santa" and I am 33 and have a kid of my own now! Easter was about the easter bunny and hunting for eggs etc.

None of my friends where really religious except for one and he could not be bothered to talk about it. Although he would have to sometimes skip things to go his church and set up chairs for AA meetings and such. The first Time I really got exposed to it was when I was about 17 and my sister got made friends with a girl from an Evangelical family. Her friend started getting My sister to go to church/ Sunday school with them. They started writing things like "god is great!" in some old bible that my parents got as a wedding gift and had never bothered to even open. I found out later in life, her family would tell my sister that her family was going to burn in hell and that she should come to church with them if she didn't want to. I know, nice eh?

Once when my Sister was about 13 her and her friends found the key to my moms car. Her and her friends decided to try driving and ended up smashing the car into the fence of..... A church. Her evangelical friends parents had just won 100k in the lotto and her had just got himself a new corvette with some of the winnings. Can you guess what family was the first to refuse to help pay for any damages? I now think that it was probably because the church was a different denomination or something.

And that was the only experience I ever had with religion until much later into adulthood, so it was very easy for me to see how silly the "teachings of Christ" are when I actually looked to see what those teachings where later in life. My sister also believes that religion is a bunch of shit. So her friends family has failed in their quest to "save" my heathen sister.

I Actually used to be more of an agnostic until after 9-11 I saw a little video called "loose change" and ended up on the Info wars truether nut forums. It was a good fit at first, I was skeptical by nature so it was easy for me to be skeptical of the governments explanation of things. After a while I started to argue with some fellow "truethers" That they could not possibly so skeptical of the government version of events and yet so completely believe the crazy teaching of their church. Oddly, most of them would go on religious rants at that point. That led to me to question the truethers version of events, and realize how nutty they, and their ideas are.

But it wasn't until that that I been truly exposed to the religious in all there full nutty glory that I gave religion enough thought to consider my self an Atheist. Before that I was just a guy who really didn't care about religion or its implications. A true agnostic I guess. Although, I don't think I even knew the meaning of that word back then.

Note - I also posted this on a thread in the Canada group. It took me a while to write it so I might as well use it twice! 

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