I've been with this nice site for a while now. Most everyone has been very friendly. I've probably shared my story before but recently I wrote down a very simple short version for everyone to read. I hope it finds favor with everybody. 'Here it comes' said Admiral Kirk:

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My Story, Simple and Brief:
My name is Steve Nelson. I have been a Mormon all my life and done ‘everything’ right. I bought a small Key & Copy Convenience store in 1989. Through hard work and new ideas I made it make real money. From 1989 to ‘91 my store brought in $120.00 per day!
Then I made a mistake, I wanted to help the direction my country was taking & thought to use my store to, (Like a modern Paul Revere), put out good info for everyone. I began to sell a small line of ‘Patriot’ books, with little 2” pictures in my display windows.
Not long went by when a Leader of the Mormon Church’s Women’s organization came by. Became hostile at the site of my ‘Patriot’ books & went back to the church and began a Lying Rumor campaign commonly known as a boycott.
For 10 years they kept it going till I was out of business in 2001. Since then the only jobs I can get are Hard Labor Low Wage jobs. They stole over $400,000.00 from me and destroyed my nice family. They LIE about it even today and will never make Restitution for what they stole.
I’ve heard everyone say the Sex Sells. So, I’m fighting back! I have written 2 Hot Erotic Science Fiction books w/4 simple illustrations each. My Scifi/Love books are: Tomorrow’s World #1 & TW2 Desert Trek by Steve Nelson.
If you’ve been hurt by the Mormons or know someone who has, it’s time to stand and make a statement! Please help me to have a future again and make that statement all in one, by ordering one or both of my Hot Erotic Science Fiction books.
You can Google my Name and Book Titles Today! I hope you will like them and buy them too. My books paint a Beautiful view of the future!
Thank You Very Much, Steve Nelson




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