I've seen several conservative men say part of the problem is that not enough women are choosing to enter certain fields. The problem with this suggestion is that it overlooks some of the reasons why many women don't enter certain fields.

If a woman has an idea that she is much more likely to suffer sexual harassment and/or sexual assault in a certain field, she has a great reason for choosing something else. If a woman has a good idea that she will have to prove herself in ways men won't, she has a good reason for choosing something else. If a woman knows she will be paid less for doing the same work, she is justified in choosing something else.

The conservative nonsense that pretends women are merely choosing to stay out of certain fields ignores reality. By ignoring reality, it downplays sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexism, and wage discrimination.

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I like that too. I've found his new name. Dolt 45.

Me too.

I stole it from another blog comment.

It's still perfect.

Back in high school Colt 45 was the elixir of life.

True, and it was once a western TV show as well. I liked your "Dolt 45" so much that I'm spreading it all over the Internet and hope it gets back to him soon.

Wow, my dad loved all those old westerns, but I don't think I ever saw Colt 45. My faves were Maverick and Wild, Wild West.

Bertold, in this area it was Country Club malt liquor. I don't think it's made anymore. My favorite when I became a grown up was Little Kings malt liquor. I'm not certain if that's still made. I haven't been able to drink for the last fifteen years at least :(

I remember Country Club. It was my uncle's favorite, aside from a good martini. eight ounce cans as I recall.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's replies. Thank you very much for your responses. 


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