I've always enjoyed posing questions to fundie theists that cause them to have to think, a novel experience for many of them.

Not suggesting these are original, or new ... but they rarely fail to get a fun discussion going. Here are my three favs in no particular order:

1. If God created man in his "image," and if by image it means physical likeness, then what does God use his penis for, and on whom?
If by image it means character, since adam and eve were capable of both sin and deception, then God could not be perfectly good since he would share the characteristic of being sinful and deceptive.

2. If God created all living things, then he created bacteria and virus for a purpose. By curing / destroying these creations isn't man destroying that which God created and defying God's will?
And by being innoculated against them, or by using anti-biotics aren't Christians pitting themselves against God's divine plan?
And if you claim God gives man the ability to cure these diseases, how come Jerry Lewis is still raising money to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy, after 50 years and God doesn't want to give us the answer to the common cold?
And why does God keep creating new diseases to replace the ones he gives us cures for?

3. If God created Earth, and he is omnicient, he must have known that hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, et al would killl his innocent and faithful creations. If he knew and still created the earth to allow those things then he is not omnibenevolent, he is malevolent. If he did it by by accident he is not omnicient. If he can't stop them, eliminate them he is not omnipotent. If he can stop it but won't isn't that an indicator he is one evil piece of shit, and no better than Shiva the Destroyer?

My experience is they will excuse themselves and try and find a satisfactory retort from some apologetics site... with terrible results; or they will wing it and invent scripture/doctrine (i.e. "Satan is a creator of bacteria and virus."); or they revert to a completely irrelevant platitude (i.e. "God is good, and this is a wonderful world.")

Try it, see what you get.


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The tired and lame scapegoat errr, I mean response I get to these type of questions is "God works in mysterious ways" or "God has a grand plan".

Yeah..platitudes are their usual default response.
of course...the question of god's "mysteriously planned" penis never quite gets resolved.
Even God has to masturbate :D
Mastrubation is the most pleasant thing you (or god) can do alone, and sex is the most fun you can have without laughing..........
Maybe if their god jerked off less and planned better we'd have fewer diseases, earthquakes and hurricanes.
I don't know, if gawd jerked more often, he might leave us alone or take a more leisure attitude towards "his creation"...

on second thought, the hatred against woman might point out some disturbing points to consider... maybe gawd only jerks a lot because he was dumped by the equivalent of a female deity, maybe he's not that good looking, maybe he is ugly and no other females (or males, who knows?) won't bother with him, maybe that's the genesis to his malevolent acts against humanity.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'm crediting him with more than he deserves, as if he really existed.
The Mormons think he has a woman. Only, he doesn't talk about her because he doesn't want anyone talking smack about her. Granted, it's not official doctrine, or even in any of the holy books, and the idea is sexist to begin with, but hell. They're trying.
Jezzy....Actually the Mormons believe that he has multiple wives, that everyone on earth was once a spirit child in heaven just waiting for a turn to to get to earth and progress to the celestial degree of glory.
All the people on earth are supposedly his spirit offspring, and if they prove themselves worthy will become gods on their own world......With multiple wives.......that prophecy has NOT changed....
Shady mormons, they're banned from missionary work in some lands...
makes you wonder wtf is going on here? Privatization? Sounds Koreshish w/big pharm and lies attached w/$ gushn' and eating their own.
Psh, it's way more fun when you are laughing.
Here's another one:
How can there be any stars or galaxies more than 6000 light years away? The Andromeda Galaxy is 250,000 light years away. God would have to had created it ~244,000 years before earth so we just receive the light from it now. But didn't he create the earth first? God damn ignorance is so confusing...
The Young Earth idiots have a standard reply to that: Light in transit from distant sources, fossils in the ground, flipped strata, radioisotope ratios... were all created by God to Test Our Faith. The reply to that is Last Tuesdayism (Why 6000 years? Why not last tuesday?) or one that I may have originated: How do you know it's not your Big Book of Repeatedly Translated Fairy Tales that's the test, a divinely inspired stupid-detector?

As a device for revealing people who should not be taken seriously, the Bible actually makes sense. We know that Bible reached its present form by way of considerable editing, embellishment and mistranslation. What if there was originally an afterword: "It's been fun, but if you run into someone who takes these tales seriously, keep him away from fire and sharp objects."




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